Friday, December 24, 2010

$500,000 USD - He did NOT accept!

Let's imagine you were a Senator for a particular state in the United States of America...

If you were offered half a million dollars to support a bill that was to 'protect the American People', wouldn't that be an easy choice to make? Vote YES and get $500,000. Easy!

What if you were offered $300,000 to vote YES towards a bill that would 'protect the American People'? What an EASY choice to make, vote yes!

What if you were offered $100,000 to vote YES towards a bill that would 'protect the American People'?

What would be the cause if you voted NO.

If you voted NO and gave up $100,000, $300,000, or $500,000 it must be for a REASON.

Let me introduce you to 22 Senators WITH Integrity! Despite being offered ridiculously high amounts of money, they listened to the MILLIONS of Americans who were shouting out as loud as they could through phone, email, or mail correspondence. "Do NOT vote for S510 they shouted".

I am SO VERY proud of our two Senators from Utah. Senator Bennett and Senator Hatch. They both resisted over $100,000 each in order to vote NAY (NO).

For those of the you in the United States that want to know who to vote for in the future if they run for the Senate or they run in another office, here is a list of the Senators who exercised extreme self control by voting for the people - with complete disregard for the millions of dollars they refused from people (with big corporate ties) that wanted them to vote yes.

They are...

Utah - Senator Bob Bennet and Senator Orrin Hatch
Wyoming - Senator Barrasso
Kentucky - Senator Bunning
Georgia - Senator Chambliss (was offered over $500,000 to vote YES, but voted NO !!!)
Georgia - Senator Isakson
Oklahoma - Senator Coburn M.D., and Senator Inhofe
Missouri - Senator Chochran, and Senator Wicker
Tennessee - Senator Corker
Texas - Senator Cornyn and Senator Hutchison
Idaho - Senator Crapo and Senator Risch
South Carolina - Senator DeMint and Senator Graham
Nevada - Senator Ensign
Arizona - Senator Kyl and Senator McCain
Kentucky - Senator McConnell
Kansas - Senator Roberts
Alabama - Senator Sessions and Senator Shelby
South Dakota - Senator Thune

Vermont has recently made a declaration to protect the citizens of Vermont and their rights to grow, save seeds, share food etc. I definitely plan on making my voice heard by calling to make an appointment to PERSONALLY VISIT my Senators.

One of the most rewarding experiences I've had was when I flew to Washington to meet with Senators and Congressman to discuss particular bills that affected our business. I am currently having dreams about doing the same thing with regards to the S510 battle.

There is a scripture that talks about the last days and "wars and rumors of wars in far off countries". The scriptures then go on to talk about how people would not know of the evil going on in their own country. Wake up America! There is a battle going on. A battle to take away your most basic freedoms of growing your own food, sharing it with others - perhaps for a profit.

Watch Food, Inc. and see what Monsanto did to a farmer who 'cleaned seeds' for a living. He was completely shut down for washing his neighbors seeds (which he had done for many years) so that they were not contaminated with the sprays and GMO's of Monsanto. The dear man was shut down because he didn't follow a patent law that protected Monsanto's seeds even if they blew into someones field and it even effected the farmers whose crops became contaminated by the seeds.

I hope when you watch Food Inc. that your blood will feel like it is boiling - like mine did.

I hope you stand up and make your voice be heard and join this battle. A battle where millions of people stand up and make their voice heard is quickly put to an end. If there are only a few of us who are willing to open our eyes and see what is happening and are willing to make our voices heard, it will be a long fight.

We will win this battle and Americans we WILL become Of the People, and By the People AGAIN!

Do what is RIGHT. Sometimes doing what is RIGHT requires doing what others may view as the wrong thing! When I voiced my opinion against S510 I had an individual tell me how they didn't see it "as a big deal". I loved that one Senator (who is a Medical Doctor) was able to articulate why he too was AGAINST S510. The bill does NOTHING to protect the American People but has EVERYTHING to do with giving more power to those who are already abusing the current authority that they do have.

I fear many people have forgotten what REAL food looks and tastes like. I hope to make my next blogs about the original version of a particular food and then show you what it has become.

Lots of love,


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