Friday, December 10, 2010

109 Year Old - Bernando Lapallo - Primarily Raw Food Diet

The Diet Solution and Dr. Mercola (see both talk about various diets for various body types. There are those that do really well with more protein and animal meat in their diets, some who do better with more carbohydrates and others who respond favorably to a carbohydrate/protein mix. See Dr. Mercola's website for further clarification. I love how raw foods have opened up a whole new world of foods to me. Instead of disgusting imitations of breads, cakes and cookies that are anything BUT healthy, (when making highly processed gluten-free imitations of "the real thing"), I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making and EATING the food created from my collection of raw food recipes. Most individuals know how to use organic and whole food ingredients in place of the refined foods in their favorite recipes for a "healthier option". For this reason, most of the recipes I post on this site are considered "raw food recipes" so individuals can perhaps try something new.

It's incredible how amazing Mr. Bernando Lapallo's skin looks. He truly looks 30-40 years younger than he actually is.

Here's to health!


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