Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thank Goodness!

When my husband is out of town for work, the days and nights, he is away, pass by very slowly at times.  The hustle and bustle of taking care of kids, cleaning the house, preparing meals etc. seem to make the time pass by quickly during the day, but as the evening approaches, so does a sense of melancholy.

Some of the things that help...

1- Positive, uplifting music
2- Grateful thoughts.  I cannot tell you how much the song "Count Your Many Blessings" helps me as I try to focus on what I am grateful for vs. the hardships that I may be experiencing.

My step-dad called me the other day and mentioned that sometimes it's easier to be thankful for what "I don't have" vs. "what I have".  I'll explain...

I'm grateful that my husband isn't lazy...
I'm grateful that my husband isn't abusive...
I'm grateful that my husband isn't unfaithful...

I struggle with the fact my husband is a business owner and has the weight of the company, the employees, the vendors, the customer's etc. on his shoulders day in and day out.  It has been this way ever since we were married.  It was my husband's first employee (one of my very best friends from college) that actually introduced the two of us.  With being married to a CEO, comes the reality that sometimes employees and customers come first before family.  Perhaps your spouse's schooling or church callings is taking away from the time that he or she can spend time with you.

3- Find a hobby that you enjoy

One spring/summer was especially difficult for me as my husband was gone nearly every single week working out of town on large commercial projects that required his expertise and supervision.  On occasion we would be able to join him, but for the most part we had to stay behind.  I felt like I was going border-line crazy one day and prayed for help.  The answer... I enrolled myself in guitar lessons.  The nights became less lonely when I focused on practicing the guitar and singing.

4- Never bring junk food home with you. 

My husband isn't here right now and evening is upon us.  Without recognizing how sad and lonely I was, I begin to "emotionally eat".  I wasn't hungry, but here are some things I was grabbing for. 

a. I ate 2 grapefruit
b. I had a spouted grained muffin with raw butter and raw New Zealand Honey on it.  (Bad for a Celiac!)
c. 1 tsp of Molasses
d. A fig
e. 1/2 tsp of Agave
f. A couple bites of leftover thanksgiving gravy and potatoes
g. A couple swigs of organic milk. (We prefer raw milk, but Shane had purchased this when he went to the health foods store to buy the ingredients for the Thanksgiving meal)
After I drank the milk, I took a minute to step away from my pantry and observed logically what was happening.  I was definitely emotionally eating. Thank Goodness that I didn't have junk food around me.  If there had been chips, Twinkies, candies, cakes, pizza, breads etc. around, I would have been eating those things.

My son asked me the other day what my favorite junk food was.  I thought for a minute and was able to tell him that something called a "Zinger" was probably my favorite junk food.  I had remembered back to my college days (as a dance major).  I'd cut calories to lose weight and then when I couldn't take it any more I'd head for the store to eat some zinger's.  I'd eat an entire package of them.  When I explained to my son what zingers were I explained they were basically a pink, coconut covered twinkie.  My son then politely asked "what is a twinkie?" 

I had to laugh at this cute little question.  We laughed about how there were many junk food items that my kids had never tasted.  They know how much I've struggled with my health issues because of how I had eaten in High School and in College.  They know that in order to be everything God intended them to be - with all of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual beauty that they were destined to have, requires eating and living in the way our Father in Heaven (God) intended.

A little advice about shopping...

The best time to go shopping is when you are NOT hungry.  If you can make a shopping list before going to the store, that helps as well.  Decide what meals you are going to make for the week.  Make a list of the ingredients needed and then stick to that list.

When I go to the store with the kids I catch myself giving the following advice to my oldest daughter a lot.  The advice is "don't look at the bad".  I then tell her to "look for the healthy options".  She has learned to look for where the fruit trays are.  When they are on clearance I love buying the fruit trays for the kids.  It's a wonderful healthy "treat".  My son likes to choose a favorite fruit to eat.  I let them help me bag the produce. 

By planning your meals out in advance, you won't have the food go to waste.  If you are new to cooking with fruits and vegetables, take it a step at a time.  Try a new recipe a couple times a week.

I didn't like all of the raw food recipes that required a ton of preparation and a lot of flavors mixed together.  For me, the simpler the better!  I love plain cucumbers with apple cider vinegar, sea salt and cracked pepper.  I like plain tomatoes with cracked pepper and sea salt.  I love steamed carrots and green beans with raw butter.  I love freshly made salsa, and I love the combination of cabbage with lime juice, sea salt and avocado.

Find what works for you.  One step at a time.

Please remember to...

Get out those happy CD's that you love.  Turn the music up and dance!  I remember when I was little (still small enough that my mother could pick me up and dance with me) she would turn the records on, spin me around and dance.  I can still picture my younger siblings from below grasping onto my mother's legs as they looked up at her laughing trying to be a part of what was happening. 

Life is difficult at times, but thank the dear Lord for good food, good music, and good friends. 

Turn the music up, pack the fridge with healthy emotional eating choices :), tell yourself how beautiful you are, breathe in and out gratitude, and let the crap you are currently dealing with come out as waste.

I love YOU.  As I've been writing this, I've felt a great swelling in my chest as my heart reaches out to the one who is reading this.

I am sending a big hug your way.

If you happen to be struggling with bulimia or anorexia I have a friend that has gone from near death to complete recovery.  Her name is Haley Hatch Freeman.  The book she wrote is called "A Future for Tomorrow".  You can go to her blog for more information.

If you find it hard to eat the way that I suggest, because of a history of bulimia or anorexia, please go to Haley's website.

Lots of love!


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