Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Secret Recipe CODE

My oldest daughter, who is seven, has become an amazing little chef.  She tells us that she "listens to what comes into her mind" when choosing what ingredients to use in her meals.

Sage's specialty is soups.  I handed her some meat and potatoes, the other day, thinking she would make some type of fried meal but the first thing she did was get out the big soup pot to fill it full of water. She then took the hamburger (exotic animal meat) that I had given her and plopped it into the water.  There it sat floating on the water in a big lump.  I seriously doubted her culinary abilities at this point.  She started chopping up the organic potatoes, and added a bag of frozen onions, some frozen corn, and at my suggestion (when I started realizing this could turn into something similar to what Grandma made) she added bottled tomatoes.

One of the favorite ingredients she uses when making soups is something called "GHEE".  It is a product from India.  I have about every flavor there is of it and so there is no way these soups she creates can be duplicated without a carefully written recipe to follow.

Here is the soup Sage made.  We had a little "Soup Picnic" outside one afternoon on the day that she made this.  We later shared the soup with a neighbor who couldn't believe how delicious it was - and that Sage had made this herself from scratch!

Here is a picture of the soup...

Sage has written down her recipes in a cute little code format.  Here is a picture...

Yesterday my Son was begging his sister (our little chef) to make some of her "delicious soup".  Sage told him to follow her recipe and make it himself.  She handed him the paper (picture of the paper is listed above) and told him to follow her recipe.

My son literally jumped up and down with frustration.  He cried out "I can't read your recipes!"  Sage had a smirk on her face like a little Mona Lisa.  She was trying to hide her satisfaction.  She calmly said "oh, that's too bad".

My son then yelled out "Mom!" It was his last effort to try to enlist my help to FORCE his sister to make soup for all of us.

I had a good laugh thinking about Sage's CODE Recipe book.  I wondered why she hadn't spelled out the words, but now I know why!  Oh, my kids are so hilarious.  They are WORTH every single moment of chaos.  Life would be so very dull without their cute little unique personalities.

Perhaps we can get Sage to make us another very yummy soup today for lunch.

Lots of love,


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Cheryl said...

It is so wonderful that you allow your children this kind of creativity. I'm impressed Steff!