Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Salad Dressing Mix

I love the salads that are sold at Real Foods Market.  The salad dressing they use is very simple to make.  It consists of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

I mix the above listed ingredients in a little cup and pour it on my salads or veggies.  If I have fresh basil from the garden and fresh tomatoes, I'll add the salad dressing to this as well.  The basil, tomatoes, raw goat feta with the salad dressing tastes incredible over cooked eggplant.

Pictured below, is the salad and cucumber dish my husband and I shared tonight.  The kids were too full from eating some bread that my oldest son had made and so I made a quick salad for the two of us.  I'll post a picture of the bread as well.

Here is our salad consisting of organic lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, raw goat feta, and the salad dressing listed above.  I'm out of red onions.  I LOVE red onions in my salads and so I was really disappointed to discover we are completely out of them.  

The salad dressing tasted so good to me that I made a second batch of it, cut up some cucumbers and enjoyed eating them with my son.  Poor Shane didn't get any...

Below is a picture of the bread that my son made.  He was the one who grounded up the wheat and then made his own recipe. He added warm water, honey, yeast, and sea salt to the mixture.  Since we were out of eggs, we used ground up flax seed and aluminum free baking powder and water in place of an egg.

The bread may look like a brick, but all of the kids loved it! 

Note:  If we had prepared the bread in a more "Traditional Way", we would have put water and whey to the ground up flour and would have let it soak and then ferment naturally causing the bread to rise without the use of yeast.

Here is the honey wheat bread that he made...

This was pretty impressive for a 9 year old who didn't use a recipe.  Despite looking like a brick, it was very moist and was an immediate hit with the other kids.  I commented to my son that he was now the family "bread making expert" and Sage was the "soup making expert".  His reply was "uh ugh (No way) I am a soup expert also!"

I absolutely LOVE my kids!  They make me laugh all the time.



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