Monday, November 29, 2010

Pasture Raised Food Club - I will be joining!

Here is an email that I received from Ramiel (author of How to Cure Tooth Decay).  The book was fascinating!  I absolutely loved reading it.  I will write another post talking about Ramiel and his book, but for now I wanted to share with you the email. I personally, will be joining the club - becoming part owner.  Here is the information from the email...

Hello Steffanie,

Sean, a primal eater and friend of the Amish in Pennsylvania has a
special one time offer for all of my U.S. e-mail subscribers (and
your friends). A free 1/2 gallon of grass fed raw milk with your
when you sign up and place an order with Sean's Pasture Raised Food
Buyer's Club. Pasture Raised allows anybody within the U.S.
(including Alaska and Hawaii) to have access to raw pasture raised
milk, raw butter, raw cream and a whole lot more.

Sean's Pasture Raised Food Club:
I met Sean last year at the Wise Traditions Conference of the
Weston Price Foundation in Chicago (by the way, this years conference
went really well, and my talk on healing cavities was well received).
Sean enjoys excellent quality food and raw milk from Amish farm's in
Pennsylvania. He is excited to offer all of you a very unique opportunity
to get access to these raw, pasture raised foods in the U.S. without
ever leaving your home.

Amish Food:
Pasture Raised Food Club gets all of its food from Amish farms in
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Amish farmer's produce some of the
best, satisfying and affordable food in our country. They use slow
technology. The cows graze on pasture's most of the year. The milk
is rich, and creamy, sort of like drinking ice cream. You can also
get access to very high quality pasture raised, beef, pork, turkey,
duck, chicken and lamb. Other menu items at the Pasture Raised Food
Club are delicious fermented condiments, amazing bacon, raw milk
ice cream (so you know what heaven is like), fermented dairy,
excellent rich cheeses, colostrum, cream fraiche, eggs with orange
colored yolks that taste great, and even potato chips fried in
lard. I am a club member, and I regularly buy Amish food for my
family, because it makes everyone happy (it just tastes sooo good).

Shipped To Your Door to Any State:
Sean can LEGALLY ship you raw milk, raw cheese, some of the best
raw butter in the United States to any state. Yes, even in Hawaii
you can enjoy amazing raw milk. Literally you can get almost
everything you need to have a healthy diet, except for fresh
vegetables from Sean. The food is delivered with FedEx at a
wholesale shipping rate, they have a variety of shipping speeds
depending upon where you live.

Why This IS Legal:
Raw milk is illegal or hard to find in many states. But becoming a
member of Pasture Raised makes it legal for you to get raw milk in
any state. Before ordering food from Sean, you sign a legal lease
agreement and go through an application process. This makes you an
owner of the farms participating in the food club. Once you become
an owner, (this is not a cowshare) then you are no longer legally
engaged in commerce. As a private enterprise between consenting
adults, you acknowledge the claimed "risks" for consuming this
amazing vital food. And the government can no longer regulate. This
lease share has withstood several court hearings without any
problems. It requires your signature and small yearly fee to be a

What About Local and Sustainable?
A few of you may be very concerned about shipping food, rather than
buying it local. I would love to have an Amish farm next door like
Sean does in Pennsylvania. If we all had access to this food, then
of course it would not need to be shipped. But this ideal food
supply chain no longer exists. In California, where I live, most of
the food (except vegetables and some types of beef) are
substandard. The chickens are fed soy (which they cannot eat
naturally so it is processed with chemicals so the chickens will
tolerate it), and the chickens do not get to graze or eat many bugs.
My children will not even eat eggs any more because they do not like
the taste of the most expensive local eggs I can buy. Raw cream is
rarely on the shelf and also very expensive. I want the best food for
my family. Just like I know you all want the best food for yourself and your

I the Buyer's Club service because I believe supporting high
quality farms, who care for their animals and raise them humanely
is worth the small imbalance of shipping the food. Many local farms
in California do not have these extremely high standards, like the
Amish farms Sean gets the food from. Shipping food is not an ideal
long term solution to healthy food in the U.S. But for now, as a
compromise, it feels really good to eat this food, and you will
feel nourished and supported by eating food from farmer's who care
about what they do. You also will be supporting farmers who make
great food. This will encourage more farmers to participate, and
the real food movement will grow, and access to these foods will
become easier for more and more people.

How To Get Free Raw Milk:
When you sign up with Pasture Raised Food Buying Club, you will get
a free half gallon of some of the best raw milk you have ever tasted.
Because of shipping (cost varies by location) and packaging fee's
(about $12 for the box, ice packs and insulation), you'll want to
order some more yummy food to make the free milk worth while. Even
though there is an extra price to pay for shipping and handling,
the food prices are very reasonable. For example raw milk is $8 per
gallon. The shipping cost is also at a huge wholesale discount,
to make it as easy as possible for you to get real food delivered to your door.

*How to sign up:
1. Please go to
2. Read through the top of the website.
3. Follow the website instructions: you will e-mail Sean your name,
location and phone number and so forth.
4. When you send in your name and information, say, "I learned
about you from Ramiel Nagel," so Sean will know to give you a free
half gallon of raw milk with your order.

If you have further questions about this program, e-mail Sean at, or call him at 717-884-8RAW

Yours in good health,

PO BOX AG, Los Gatos, CA 95031, USA


Elle A. Morgan said...

I just got a box from the food club and the lemon poppyseed organic muffins plus a glass of raw milk made my dinner. Soooo good.

Steffi said...

Yeah Elle! Sounds yummy!