Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Healing Soups for the Sick

A friend of mine was involved in a car accident last week.  We brought her to our home to recover for several days.  Friends of hers brought her over some soup.  In the soup there was brown rice, garbanzo beans, zucchini, carrots, celery, and corn tortilla strips and various herbs.  It looked so delicious that I tried making my own version of that soup that Cochita made for my friend Miyosy.  The result was incredible!  We had just harvested our herbs from my garden.  We had fresh sage, thyme, oregano and parsley.  My daughter helped me make the soup with various vegetables that were left over in the fridge.  With adding so many fresh herbs to the pot I worried that we would over do it, but according to my kids, they said "it was the best soup they had EVER tasted!"

When I have been called to care for people who are sick, it surprises me how people do not understand how important of a role food plays in the recovery.  One friend was feeding her extremely sick relative pudding, a woman at church was feeding her snotty nosed children candies.  A mother who has a child with behavioral disorders told me about how the child loved to have his chocolate cereal and milk for breakfast, chocolate milk for lunch, chocolate this or that for dinner.  I'm sure my mouth was open in awe as I listened to this mother explain that she knew it wasn't healthy, but it was what her child wanted.  Yikes!  I don't buy the bad food, so my children have positive choices in front of them and they have grown to love the wonderful healthy choices that surround them.

Think of sugar and processed food as gasoline on a fire.  It is food for illness and disease.

To regain health quickly, feed your body as much live, raw food as possible.  I do believe in the benefits of wonderful soup broths to assist in healing.  Raw, wonderful juices from greens, fruits or veggies. Soups made in the Vitamix (if you have one), or in a pot on the stove if you are unable to make the soups raw.

In Dr. Christopher's incurables program he uses only apple juice for one week, grape juice for one week and carrot juice for one week.  Do not try that alone.  There is a complete program that involves taking prune juice in the am, drinking (chewing) plenty of water and taking oil to help lubricate the organs while on the juice fast etc.  There is more to it than this, but I have seen amazing healing occur when individuals feed themselves or their loved ones in a way that frees the body from spending so much time on providing enzymes that the body needs to digest the food and is able to focus those enzymes in the areas most needed to help healing.

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