Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gluten-Free Bread Mommy!

Last night my husband stopped by Good Earth to pickup some food.  Before arriving there, my husband called me to get the shopping list. 

My husband is a salesman.  He loves getting a good deal.  I joked with him about not buying junk even if it was "on sale". 

So, my husband arrives home with the groceries.  I was busy responding to business emails.  We have a computer in the kitchen and so I was there focusing on work while Shane and the kids brought in the food.  I was completely focused on what I was doing and didn't hear my husband giving instructions to the kids to "put the bread by the door - I'll take it to work with me tomorrow".  Nor did I hear the conversation he had with the kids that he'd "gotten FREE bread from the store".

So, Shane goes upstairs and my little girl came and told me the good news - she was SO excited!  "Mommy" she said, "Daddy bought YOU gluten-free bread!" 

I wasn't too excited because gluten free products (that are not naturally gluten-free) usually means it tastes terrible.  Not to ruin the excitement of my daughter I told her to go get a piece for me and I'd try it.

My son interrupts us telling us "Dad said not to eat it because he wanted to take it to work with him".

"That's SILLY" I thought.  "It's MY gluten-free bread." So I assured my son that it was OK.  I graciously shared my wonderfully delicious gluten-free bread with the kids and had a couple slices myself.

Now, because gluten affects the mind, I'm sitting here in a stupor.  I can't remember how I found out it was not gluten-free.  Oh yes, I had asked my daughter to get me the package so I could see what brand it was and what it was made of - the taste was so much like real bread, it was incredible!

Truth be known...

The bread, yes indeed, had the first ingredient "enriched wheat bread".  Oh wonderful! Enriched...twice the gluten content right?

I laughed and told the kids that it was definitely not gluten-free.  After completing my work, I took time to make sure that everything was really clean downstairs.  I wanted to make sure to use every last bit of energy I had before facing the next day with extreme fatigue.

Amazingly enough, I am up early today (a day after the gluten-filled bread eating feast) and I'm functioning pretty normally.  I didn't have the strength to take my morning hike on my treadmill, but none the less I AM walking.

Shane saw that I was tired this morning and so he had rubbed some essential oils on my feet while I was still sleeping.  He chose oils that help address irritability and mood problems.  Shane has been under a TON of stress at work, being a business owner, and so he applied the oils to his own feet as well.  These oils help him to maintain a calming, balancing feeling internally as he deals with the chaos in the world that surrounds him.

After he applied the oils to my feet I worried about telling him about the bread.  I knew that he needed a lot of help with work and I was planning on going into the office.  After eating gluten, I wasn't sure how I would be able to function once my feet hit the floor.

So, we chatted about my experience last night.  Shane laughed and said "I told the kids to put the bread by the door and that I would be taking it to work with me." I told him about how our oldest son had tried telling me this, but I had assured him that it was OK.  My cute little daughter had misunderstood.  Shane had purchased $100 in groceries and had been given a "FREE loaf of Bread".  When Shane told this to the kids, my cute little 7 year old interpreted it as "Gluten-Free loaf of Bread."

We laughed at the situation.  Looking back on what happened, I realize that I should have followed my instincts and definitely should have paid more attention to my son who was adamant about me not eating the bread that Dad said he was going to take to the office.

We don't buy white bread or even wheat bread from the regular food stores.  I snapped a picture of the bread that we do buy along side the 1/2 eaten bag of Gluten-Filled bread.  We buy sprouted breads, cereals and corn tortillas that are the Ezekiel brand.  The grains are soaked, sprouted and then cooked on low heat so as to preserve the most nutrition and natural enzymes as possible.

As I've incorporated more and more fermented foods into my diet and more foods rich with natural enzymes, my sensitivities to gluten have not been as severe as they have in the past.  I hope that some day I will be able to eat the gluten-filled grains as long as I prepare them by soaking and sprouting, or fermenting them first.

Lots of love!


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