Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Farmed Salmon Exposed" - Intro/Excerpt

It took traveling to Australia and New Zealand for me to realize what was happening in the fishing industry. Did you know tuna is becoming an endangered species? Listen to this video about how the Chilean fishing industry has been destroyed because of the Norwegian salmon farms. I have many friends in Chile. The more I learn, the more passionate I become about educating fellow Americans and concerned citizens throughout the world. Do everything in YOUR power to stop BIG businesses that care nothing for how their choices affect the rest of the world. I personally choose NO to farm raised fish.

For those who believe eating farm raised fish is saving the wild caught population...think again. This video talks about how these Norwegian companies compete with the local fisheries.  They compete to catch the wild caught fish, grind it up (add soy, corn, sterhoids to it etc.) and feed it to the farm raised fish.

So I don't understand the mentality.  Catch wild fish, grind it up, feed it to farm raised fish...then sell it to the public.

Please watch the video...very informative!

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