Sunday, November 14, 2010

Disease Prevention from Within

One of the most important things I think I've learned regarding disease prevention is how to prevent disease by creating a healthy body.

In our society we are really concerned about spraying to kill pests on plants, germs in the house, sanitizing toys, toothbrushes, doorhandles, floors where baby's crawl etc. etc.

The thing that surprised me was learning how organic farmers are able to prevent disease and pests from destroying their plants without the use of pesticides. I saw pictures of plants that were planted in various soil. Each soil was missing a certain mineral and each plants growth and height as well as health was dependent upon rich soil with all the so called "vitamins and minerals" necessary to keep it healthy, grow to its full potential and ward off disease.  When the plants had everything they needed nutritionally to grow, they were able to ward off disease without the use of chemicals etc.

When raising our children, many people focus all of their prevention efforts on keeping all "the bad" away from their children.  What I've learned, because of my studies at the School of Natural Healing, is that the best prevention is cleaning up the environment WITHIN our bodies.  Germs and bacteria feed off of the waste material and mucus in our bodies.  If we feed our bodies food that is quickly utilized, processed and we have a efficient eliminating system, our cells are healthy and strong.  Disease cannot penetrate the cell wall.  Our immune system is healthy and isn't over-burdened with constantly cleaning up the environment that they can quickly and effectively deal with any 'enemy intruders'. Feed our bodies all of the minerals, nutrients, trace minerals, etc. that it needs to properly ward off the enemy.

As I focus on keeping my kids healthy from within, they are extremely resilient from any diseases that have come into our neighborhood. 

I cannot remember the last time that my kids had colds.  It saddens me to hear about all the Mom's in my neighborhood that have to deal with colds, sinus infections, flu etc. on a regular basis. 

The same goes for us and our children with regards to staying healthy. Disease feeds on waste and dead or mucus material in our bodies. The less mucus, waste and toxins we have in our bodies the better we are warding off disease.

Food and water does make a HUGE difference in preventing disease



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