Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beet Kvass vs Borscht - I love Fermenting Foods!

It's 12:36am right now... my body still thinks it's on Australian or New Zealand time...

I wanted to post one more entry before heading to bed.  I know it's not healthy for my adrenal and thyroid glands to be up this late - especially when I have to face the day tomorrow with 5 kids to take care of.

Fermenting Foods is a topic I need to talk a lot more about.  It was a crucial process in food preparation in the 1900's that contributed significantly to the overall health of the cultures studied by Dr. Weston Price.

Beet Kvass is an incredible blood purifier. The first picture is of fermented beets.  However, I have a hard time just eating it straight.  The book listed above has become one of my favorite recipe books.  I've tried using the fermented beets in a raw food recipe for Borscht.  I wasn't able to enjoy the raw soup very much.  But the recipe for Borscht in the Fermented Foods book turned out really well.  The recipe says to boil the soup (with the fermented beets) for 1/2 hour, but I didn't want to kill any of the wonderful enzymes, probiotics etc. and so I prepared the soup according to the directions and then turned off the heat and added the fermented vegetables.  For my taste, I add a ton of fresh pepper and a little bit of sea salt.  YUMMY!!!  I had Borscht for lunch and dinner for several days thereafter and loved it!

I'm learning to buy up those forgotten vegetables from the store like turnips etc. that will go bad unless somebody who understands the importance of fermentation, buys up the neglected, under appreciated vegetables and turns them into a powerhouse of enzymes, vitamins, probiotics and nutrition.  After the beets were fermented, I followed the recipe to make a soup using potatoes, onions, spices and the shredded fermented beets.  Yummmmmy!  It felt incredible clear down to the cellular level.  What an amazing blood purifier beets are.

Here are some pictures of the process...

Oh so good for you!!!

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Justin said...

Hi, thanks for posting your results!

I had some beet chunks left over from making kvass; made two rounds of kvass with these beets. I pureed the beets before adding them to some pre-boiled potatoes, I wish I had some onion like you did. Added in a mix of lentils and rice to thicken, it turned out really good!