Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Pictures Encourage Me

We are working on reversing problems that came as a result of vaccines in one child that caused an immediate stop in his mental progression and we are also working to strengthen the teeth and bone structor of another one of my children because of how I USE to eat.  A dentist once told me the teeth of my daughter was a result of my diet while pregnant with her.  At that time, I was REALLY offended by what the Dentist had said to me.  "I ate Gluten-Free!"  I thought to myself.  "It doesn't get much healthier than that!"  Oh....yes it can!!!  Just because you have salad and make your meals from scratch does NOT mean you are feeding your kids healthy.  There are some drastic changes needed to the way we think about and how we prepare food for our families in order to reverse the problems associated with the way our food is grown, handled, packaged, sold and served and the effect it is having on our kids.  Please keep reading.

After posting my last couple of blog entries, I've been thinking over and over about my sister who wants to make the change and who asked advice as to how to start.  Should she start by buying only organic?  What is the best to eliminate, to begin adding etc. etc? 
As I am preparing to give my class "The Power of Foods to Heal and to Harm" at the Women's Conference this Saturday, I am very aware of the different "types" of women that will be there.  With "type" I am referring to is what "strong beliefs" they have as it relates to food.  There will be vegans there.  I know several attendees are raw foodists and raw food activists.  There will be those that are campaigning on the importance of raw milk.  Some believe in eating meat.  Others are strictly against eating any meat at all.  Some only eat meat during the time of cold.  Then there are those that dislike this or dislike that or those that are allergic to this or allergic to that.  How on earth can I talk about what specific food helps and what hurts when there are so many individual symptoms that people have to food that would contradict anything I say?
My message is not for one culture.  It is not for one group of people or religion.  My message is very simple.  Eat the way God intended and YOU will be healthy as God intended.  Look around YOU to see what God has placed in front of you and then look to see how the other things you are surrounded by are counterfeits for what is truly real.
You live in the Artic.  The ice, the cold, the access to fruits and vegetables is limited.  Your blood needs to be thicker....meat will help you.
You live in a tropical climate.  You are surrounded by a ton of plant life and sea life. 
You live in the desert where hardly anything grows.  You are surrounded by insects, bugs, cactus; you raise animals on the shrubs and grasses that survive the climate there.
The places people on this earth live vary greatly.  The access to food varies greatly. 
I eat meat VERY sparingly these days.  This is working for MY situation RIGHT NOW.  It wasn't the case years ago when I was struggling to overcome symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. 
I'm tempted to not encourage the consumption of raw milk and to encourage a raw food diet.  However, I know that when I was overcoming the symptoms of going paralyzed, being unable to remember my own children's names etc. I HAD to have raw milk.  It had everything my body needed to live.  I craved it and I would drink the cream straight from the jar.  I had to have it and my children did to.
We are at a different phase in our lives.  Our bodies do not need it like we use to.  We use dairy products like we do condiments.  We use them very sparingly and with much gratitude.
After coming back from teaching in New Zealand and Australia, my milk supply had dwindled to where it was nearly gone.  I had tried to pump while away from my sweet little two month old, but due to the crazy time schedule and due to the classes being given etc. I returned home to a very frustrated little girl who really wanted milk from her Mom.  If I were in New Zealand there would have been many women willing to nurse my daughter for me.  We are in the US.  There is a different mentality when it comes to nursing someone else's child.  I went to the store.  It made me sick thinking of the formulas that I'd be giving my sweet little child.  I bought the most organic, most pure that I could find.  The next best thing to mothers’ milk is goats’ milk.  There is a place a couple cities away from me that sell raw goat milk.  I have to trust that it is pure, that it was extracted in a very clean environment etc. How did we as a people ever come to drinking an animals’ milk.  In my mind I rewind history back a couple hundred of years.  I can see how an individual, perhaps a father whose wife died suddenly, has this infant.  How should he feed his little child?  The baby is crying?  The baby is hungry.  I can imagine this brave father going out to the cow, or goat and getting the milk from the animal to give it to his little child.  Is this how we began to drink milk?  Because there was a famine...because there was a great need?  I love the organization Heifer International.  They are helping people out of dying of starvation by teaching them how to use animals for food.
The curdling of cheese…  Rennet (that curdles milk) is from the stomach of the baby cow or baby goat.  It is what digests the milk protein for the animal.  It is what curdles the milk for us so that it can break down the milk proteins and it helps us to make our cheeses, our buttermilk our yogurt.  The thought of this little calf or goat dying so that I can have my cheese, yogurt etc. makes me very sad.  For this reason and other reasons, I am turning more into a vegan.  The more I learn, the more I try to eat very sparingly and dairy products very sparingly.  I know that there are vegan culture starters.  I made some coconut milk yogurt a couple days ago using a vegan culture.
My message is to the WORLD.  My message of how to eat and how to be healthy should be applicable to everyone in every part of the world.
Please don't judge anyone for the way they eat.
As a Health Coach there was a period of about a year and a half where I was sick a couple times a week with fatigue.  I was eating as healthy as I knew how.  I was eating gluten free - I thought.  It turned out that I had been eating some oats that I thought were gluten free, but they were not.  I was getting gluten a couple times a week and it was such a small contamination that I couldn't figure out what it was that was making me sick.  Once I removed the contaminated oats and replaced them with pure naturally gluten-free ones I was able to get my strength and my mind back.  It took a while to heal from the damage that happened to my body and mind during that time.  With herbs I healed the mineral deficiencies.  The foods helped me as well.  What's the hardest to heal is the damage that occurred in my neighborhood and church by my inability to serve and to be a contributing member.  We can NEVER judge a person.  Whenever I see someone struggling or lacking in ANY area of their life...I can't help but wonder..."Do they have a Gluten Intolerance".  Millions of independent bodies all over the world are telling us the SAME thing.  The "stuff" we've been eating resembles food...but it's far from it.  Because of the instance above, I recommend that if you are serious about getting well, and you don't want to get sick, try a raw food diet.  Then, if you feel well (even with sprouted grains) slowly introduce other foods into your diet.  If you do not feel well on a raw food diet, make sure to eliminate any gluten containing foods like wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, and even oats.  Then see how you feel.  If you are still having troubles I would like you to call me at 801.879.3506 so I can make sure you are not eating any gluten.  If you are still weak, you need a Dr's help and I'd be happy to recommend herbs and essential oils, essential fatty acids etc. to help you recover.
Many years ago I was still new to the gluten-free diet.  There is a huge list of foods that are not ok.  Whenever I ate outside of my home there was a ton of time spent on reading labels and asking questions.  It was so embarrassing for me.  At one point in time I was reading a fruit juice label.  I was at a church event.  A woman, who I vaguely knew, looked at me reading the label and sent me a very clear message by rolling her eyes at me, turning and walking away.  In one small gesture, she portrayed to me (who was a very thin, tall, in shape dancer who was on a professional dancing company at the time) that she was DISGUSTED that I was CALORIE COUNTING Juice.  A flood of anger washed over my body.  I had the urge of throwing the juice at the back of her head.  I resisted the urge and I breathed in and out trying to calm myself.  I continued reading the label and I found the food coloring....YUP,  IT HAD GLUTEN.  It was a NO. 
If you are a Celiac or if you are trying to go gluten-free because of unknown health issues CONGRATULATIONS!!!  If you are a Mom who has a child or children with unknown behavioral, mental, or physical problems and you are feeding him/her/ or them a gluten-free diet, I APPLAUD YOU!!!  YOU as a Mother or YOU as a father know intuitively what your child or children need. TRUST your instinct.
Dr. Karnam, a well-known Celiac expert in our area has said that you need to go more by the symptoms and response to a gluten-free diet than you do a diagnosis.  I've been to the conferences for Celiac Disease; I've listened to the experts.  It is REALLY hard to get an accurate diagnosis. The experts are trying to educate the experts on how to diagnose Celiac Disease correctly. There are those that show symptoms of Celiac Disease (DH version) on their skin.  Some show the typical symptoms of gas and bloating (like my Grandmother).  Others with Mental Illness are NOT being diagnosed accurately or those with chronic fatigue or inflammation issues.  When in doubt....go gluten-free.  But, please, go NATURALLY gluten-free.  Use the gluten-free imitations of your favorite foods SPARINGLY.  If you continue to eat gluten-free but you continue to eat highly processed food, you could end up with something like diabetes, multiple-sclerosis, schizophrenia, and dementia.  TRUST ME.  Get your body and brain REAL FOOD!
The reason why I recommend going completely raw, or the "raw food" diet, Is because there are so many things that have gluten in it, or that's contaminated, or isn't put on the package label, that it is IMPOSSIBLE to know everything that is or isn't ok without going to a Celiac Support Group, by buying the books, the PDA software etc. to navigate your way through the Gluten-Filled World.  I've noticed even the GF or Gluten Free labeling at the store is sometimes incorrect.  A manufacturer changes an ingredient, sometimes people don't get the memo until the wonderful gluten-cops (those with Gluten Sensitivities) get sick and then spend weeks and sometimes months trying to figure out what product it is. 
My prayers are with all of those that are struggling to regain their health and who are struggling for answers.
Look at your face in the mirrow.  Does it say "I'm healthy?"  Your face is a reflection of your gut.
The answer may be simpler than you may think.  Look to your food as a tool to heal you or your loved one(s).  Herbs are foods when used in their "whole" form can do much good to heal depression and to help with fatigue and emotional issues.  Amino Acids missing contribute to SO many mental illnesses and addictions.  Keep praying, keep searching and START Listening.  I believe there is a loving God (I consider him our Father) that looks after his children.  The greater your trial right now, I believe the greater the blessing in the future.  Maybe you have the trial you are experiencing right now so that you can bless the lives of many people in the future.
With much love,
P.S.  As far as pictures.... It is the pictures of the healthy, happy people in the 1900's that Dr. Weston A. Price discovered when he was searching for the healthiest cultures in the world (who did not eat processed food) that continue to motivate me to feed my children food as close to what God intended.  The pictures of the degeneration in the generations to come where processed food was introduced haunt me.  My Dad's death haunts me.  For this reason, I do what I do.  My father said that his depression was his greatest fear in his life.  I don't want that generational issue to be triggered in my children. Hugs!!!

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