Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Iodized Salt vs. Sea Salt

I make sure to bring SEA Salt or REAL Salt with me, or I buy it first thing when I arrive at my destination.  Notice "Maldon" on the far right.  It was the first time I had tasted Sea Salt "Flakes".  We over did the salt on food a couple of times, as we adjusted to eating with "flakes" and not granuals, but it had an amazing flavor.  Not pictured are the chia seeds and nuts that I brought with me from New Zealand to Australia.  We are "Worldmark by Wyndham" travel share owners.  I LOVE that we have a kitchen to work in, but all of the food you see here could be prepared, with exception to the potatoes, without access to a kitchen. The strawberries and kiwis are hard to see.  In the front is mint and basil which I used in my wraps.

In preparing my talk for the Women's Conference on Saturday I thought I'd Google what others had to say about Iodized Salt.  I was expecting to find a TON of information that would support what my Doctor had taught me, but I was really surprised that there was even conflicting information about whether iodized salt or sea salt is better for you.  People started putting iodine on salt when there were people in a couple of the states that were getting goiter because of a lack of iodine in their diet.  What can people believe?

 Soy is good vs. Soy is Bad

Milk is good vs. Milk is Bad

Meat is good vs. Meat is Bad

MSG doesn't hurt vs. MSG is Bad

GMO's are good vs. GMO's are Bad.

Let me address the thyroid experience of mine.  I was on thyroid medicine for over 18 YEARS.  The Dr. that helped heal my thyroid so that I was able to get OFF thyroid medicine, talked to me about the DANGERS of Iodized Salt.  I had already made the switch from Iodized salt to Real Salt or Sea Salt due to all the books I'd read, but Doctor Jensen, that I worked with, gave me iodine from a natural source of kelp and I began taking a supplement from Standard Process that included desiccated animal organs to help give me the necessary hormones in my adrenal glands and thyroid glands and other weakened organs to assist in the healing process.  I no longer need to take the supplements or iodine.  There are many sources of iodine in my current diet that is void of processed food.
When I travel out of state or out of the country, these are some things that I make sure to buy so that I can prepare my meals where I'm staying.
1) Real Salt or Sea Salt
2) Apples Cider Vinegar
3) Lemons or Limes
4) Avocados (if available)
5) Seaweed Sheets (I bring them with me)
6) Raw nuts (to eat in case there are not healthy options on the plane or in the area I speak at)
7) Sprouts or Greens
8) Chia Seeds (I bring these with me as a breakfast stable the entire week of my stay)
9) I buy some fruits local to the area
10) Rice Paper Wraps (to hold my sandwiches)
12) Vegetables local to the area
13) Olive Oil - Pure Cold Pressed (I love making salad dressings with the Oil, Vinegar and Sea Salt)

Wraps - I get hungry just thinking of these
With leftover spinach, avocado, lime, and sea salt, I was able to make some delicious rice paper wraps.
Chia Seed Breakfast - With just water, chia seeds and some local honey, I was able to soak the chia seeds continuing to add water until it tasted like and was about the consistency of tapioca pudding. Another day I found a local yogurt that had fruit in it and so I added the yogurt/fruit mixture one day to the soaked chia seeds (taking the risk I could get sick).  Other days I would add the New Zealand honey that we bought to the chia seeds, or add berries or bananas to it.  You could add raw cream to it or almond milk etc.
When my husband and the kids had pita sandwiches (hummus, olives, tomatoes, sprouts etc) I was able to half an avocado and put the hummus, olives, tomatoes, sprouts etc. on top and eat it in place of the pita bread.  The whole wheat pita bread is wonderful travel sandwich bread and the sandwiches are easy to put together.  We sat as a family in front of the Maritime Museum in Australia eating our pita sandwiches (or in my case the avocado sandwich).   
Now back to my topic of Iodine...
The hypothesis that my Doctor gave was that the iodized salt was not the "real" iodine that my thyroid needed.  It did much more bad than good for the body. He gave me "real" iodine from kelp that was able to gradually replace the "bad iodine" while at the same time increasing the "good iodine" in my body.  Because the gradual release of the "bad iodine" made me sick, we had to gradually increase the good while my body dealt with releasing the "bad".  It took several weeks until I could take several doses of the good without getting sick from my body releasing the "bad".
Something to think about… 
Just because we are introducing a good product to our body and we have negative reactions, doesn't mean that the good food is bad.  It could have EVERYTHING to do with our body saying YEAH!!! "I know this as something that is GOOD for me"  "I've been holding on to the (bad) for so long because I didn't have anything else to work with - now it's safe to let go of the bad".
Give your body the good, and help assist your body as it copes with releasing the bad.
It is CRAZY how many Doctors, researchers, food people, big wigs in large corporations etc. that are PAID to give YOU FALSE information.  My friend that's here while I'm typing this blog said that it took 7 years for aspartame to get approved for human consumption.  She had to debate the issue in school and so she studied it in depth.  It's amazing how aspartame has such negative light now that the marketers of the product are now in the process of changing the name and reintroducing it to the public as something else.
That is true also for High Fructose Corn Syrup.  The industry is changing the name since it is viewed so negatively - and with reason!
I've made it a point to NEVER suggest anything to you that I haven't experienced MYSELF. 
I pray that everyone that is seeking truth will be able to find it and will be able to recognize it - despite how people try to cover up, sugar coat, advertise, market or make a person addicted to it. 
Good luck and love!


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