Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Story Defined

At one point in time "My Story" was about discovering that I had developed Celiac Disease when doctors had diagnosed me with "Depression", "Fibromyalgia", "Epstein Barr", "Chronic Fatigue", etc.

Cure:  Gluten Free Diet

Years later, "My Story" was about how I had developed "Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis" (Paralyzed at times, complete loss of strength, loss of vision, loss of feeling in face and arm)

Cure: NATURALLY Gluten Free Diet....NO Processed Food.  Raw Milk, Pasture Fed Cows, Free Range Chickens, NOT farm raised fish, but fish from unpolluted waters etc.  Raw Honey, Raw Molasses, Sprouted Grains, Seeds and Nuts, Freshly Squeezed Juices etc.

Two years ago "My Story" started to deal with depression and fatigue - despite how healthy I felt I was eating.

Cure: Eliminated the "Hidden Glutens still in my diet".

Note:  I immediately felt better once I discovered the oats that I had been eating for over a year and a half were not gluten-free like I had thought they were when I had purchased 6 packages of them.  It had been so long getting gluten on accident I used herbs to restore the amino acids that I was lacking, and essential oils to overcome the candida overgrowth that occurred with eating gluten on accident for such a long period of time.

The more raw food I am able to incorporate into my diet, the better I feel.  Raw foods have the enzymes needed for digestion.  So those who have poor digestion I suggest a raw food diet as much as possible. 
Because I had damaged the villi in my stomach from eating the hidden glutens, I also eliminated dairy and red meat and received sufficient protein from spinach, hemp seed, and broccoli sprouts etc.  I would take Dr. Christopher’s Vital Herb supplement that contained wheat grass juice, among other things that are gluten free.  The grain contains the gluten.  The wheat grass does not contain gluten.

"My Story" gets closer and closer to eating and living in a way that I feel God intended.  We truly ARE that WE might have JOY.  In my case, it has been a matter of incorporating truths about health into my life so that I can truly believe what the scriptures say - which we can have joy.

I hope that you or someone you love can learn something from my journey.


Steff E

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