Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yummy Almond Milk

Last night I soaked a handful of dates and figs in water in preparation for making almond milk this morning.  I also soaked a tall glass full of almonds.

This morning I heated up the almonds with some water on the skillet for a couple minutes and then let them cool so that I could easily remove the skins.  (Blanched Almonds)

The dates already had the pits removed from them last night and so I blended together...

1 3/4 cups of blanched almonds (brown skin of almond removed)
7 cups of filtered water
1 cup of figs and date mixture that had been soaked overnight (pits removed already)

I put the items listed above in the Vitamix blender until it was creamy. 

I hadn't added enough dates and so I added about 1 Tablespoon of maple syrup.

I absolutely LOVED it!  It made enough that the kids and I drank it throughout the day.

The Vitamix made the drink really warm and so it would have been yummy to add some chocolate smoothie powder, or some vanilla, or to spice it up a bit I've been adding cinnamon and cayenne to my drinks.   We added ice to cool it down a bit.

It felt really good as I drank the slightly sweet, super creamy almond milk.  I could feel my body happily absorbing the calcium, phosphorus and other wonderful vitamins and minerals from the almonds, figs and dates.

This tasted MUCH BETTER than milk.  Also, I felt much better after drinking it - in comparison to how I feel after drinking milk.

There are great recipes for Almond milk online if you'd like to try other options.

-Steff E

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