Monday, August 2, 2010

Rice Paper Wraps

Top Left:  Spinach, Sprouts, Mint, Basil, Green Onions and Carrots (Ingredients for Wrap Filling)
Top Right: Soak the Rice Paper Sheet in Water until soft.  Put on a non-stick surface and add filling to the center.
Bottom Left: Fold in three sides of the Rice Paper to cover the ingredients.
Bottom Right: Roll the Folded portion of the Rice Paper Roll to the remaining side of the paper.

Whalah...Yummy Rice Paper Rolls

Variation:  You could shred Cabbage, Carrots, and onions, add them to the center of the rice paper, roll them up and then fry them in coconut oil (like you would an egg roll).  There are many other ways to use the rice paper wraps.  I put cucumber, avocado, and cabbage in them sometimes.  We've even used ingredients like sliced turkey or sliced raw cheese in them as well. 

Dips:  We love the peanut dip from SAN.J   The bonus... it's Gluten-Free!


Try Bragg's Liquid Aminos (Gluten-Free Soy Sauce) for the dipping. 

This afternoon I was looking in the fridge for a quick meal.  It was wonderful to spot a plate with about 5 of these left on it.  I love making a plate full of them, with plastic wrap between layers and have about 3 layers already pre-made.  It makes a great snack for the kids.  My 5 year old loves them!


Gates Family said...

I saw something like this in a magazine the other day. Where do you get the rice papers?? I would love to try them. Thanks for all your postings!!!

Steffi said...

The rice paper is sold in asian markets or most super markets in the asian section of the store. The papers come in a round clear container that's about an inch thick. You can usually find it by the seaweed sheets or the rice noodle section. Be sure to look for the San-J Gluten Free sauces while in that section. My favorites are the Thai Peanut and the Szechuan flavor. I use the Thai Peanut for dipping the rice wraps in. The Szechuan dip is for stir-fry, but it is really spicy - oh how I love both of them. Good luck!