Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working with the Body

Working with the Body

I just read a post on Facebook that a friend of mine had made.  They are off to the hospital to have their first baby delivered.  What an exciting time in their lives!  My thoughts turned to my friends Mom, also a great friend of mine - she would become a Grandma soon. 

It is amazing how life passes by so quickly.  What seemed like such a long moment years ago, seems like such a short trial when I look at the amount of life I have left to live compared to the amount of time it took to find answers to my health issues.

There is a friend of mine who loves to run marathons.  She bikes year round - bikes in the snow during the winter time.  She kayaks, she snow skis and water skis, she hikes and even mountain bikes.  She's broken her face bones, arm bones, ribs etc. from mountain biking....and she is GORGEOUS!  I am amazed by the energy she has every single day, her laughter her love and her enthusiasm.  She continues to do what she loves, despite the pain it has caused her.

Another friend, who was in the dance company with me, is a Grandma now.  Her daughter (very beautiful) is a professional boxer.  Yes a famous woman boxer.  In the rink she wore a black ballet looking skirt and black ballet leotard looking spaghetti strap top.  Every single part of her body was solid muscle - yet she looked too petite and ballets like to be such a rock solid hitter in the ring.  This family eats from their garden.  They grind up even the avocado pit and all other organic food waste and add it to the soil in their garden.  My friend, although old enough to be a grandmother, looks like a teenager - seriously.  She is petite, completely toned skin, arms, lets etc.  You can tell she's a mother by the slight creases at the side of her eyes, but other than that you'd have no idea she was in her late 60's.  Every morning she walks out her back door (that backs up to the mountain) and goes for several miles on a brisk hike. 

So how do these two have so much energy and so much life?  It's in the food they consume.

At dance rehearsal, when the oldest one in the group (mentioned above) had her 65 year old birthday, someone had purchased a plastic diaper that said "over the hill" on it.  We all laughed as she put it on and we gathered around for the camera shot.  The funniest part of it was that she was surrounded by many others who were several decades younger than she was, yet she was a part of that group of dancers.  What a great memory.

Whenever I hear people complain about their aches and pains of "getting old".  My mind reflects back on my "old friend - who is still dancing".  I think of Martha Graham who danced until she was in her late 70's.    We are only as old as the food we eat.

At the School of Natural Healing, they have taught me to recognize how the body tries to heal itself.  A lot of what we do sometimes is actually hurting our bodies own ability to heal itself.

I look differently at the sun now.  I see it as an amazing blessing to add nourishment to our bodies (vitamin D to start), to help us rid ourselves of toxins, and gives us emotionally a feeling of warmth and peace that is badly needed in this day and age.

I view the earth differently.  I feel the healing energies that it has when we remove our shoes and walk through the beautiful grass or freshly plowed soil.  Earth has amazing healing qualities that remove our negative energy and replace it with a balanced, calm feeling.

I view the water differently. 

There are so many beautiful books written about how our bodies need air and oxygen to heal.  I'm reading a book right now on oxygen therapy.  A couple months ago I read about healing your body with water.

In the process of healing, open yourself up to the Sun, to the healing powers of the Earth, to Water and Oxygen. 

Work WITH your body and not against it.

D. Christopher in his Word of Wisdom class and in his class on cancer, talked about the many ways we can work with our bodies to heal it.  A lot of times in order to avoid pain, we stop the body from doing what it does best... to assist in healing us from whatever it is that our body has come in contact with.

Please keep this in mind with whatever you try to do to heal with the body.

My friend, first discussed in this particular post, is probably now breathing through contractions, and trying to remain calm as she experiences the first birthing experience.  By remaining calm she will be able to feel the movements of her body and work with her body to give birth naturally.  If she were to panic and tense up, the pain she would feel would be worse.

Remember to breathe (you can think better if you are calm) and listen to your body.  What is it telling you about your current health issue?  What is it doing to heal you, and how can you best support your body so that it can heal you quickly and efficiently?

Please, please, please do NOT clog it down with food that it doesn't recognize.  Think of your cells as they see the dead, processed particles and think "hummmm, I don't have time to deal with this right now....let's coat it with fat and tuck it away right here to be dealt with later."  Don't give your body a lot of hummmm's????  Give it some "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh's".  (That the cells recognize)

My thoughts are with you.

-Steff E

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