Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taught the "Word of Wisdom" by David Christopher

For those herbalists out there, the name Dr. Christopher or the name of his son David Christopher are well known.  Dr. Christopher established the School of Natural Healing and his son David, who is a Master Herbalist, continues to run the school since the passing away of his father.

Both Dr. Christopher and David Christopher have taught me, from their lectures, books, cd's etc. so much about how to heal and how to care for the body.  This last saturday my husband and I attended the LDS Wholistic Living Conference in West Jordan, UT.  There were many amazing speakers there, but I focused my time on attending two of the classes given by D. Christopher.  One of the classes was on Cancer and the other I attended was on the Word of Wisdom.

I need to post the information gained from the Cancer class.  Apricot seeds - a natural pain reliever (and a lot of other really informative information), but that will be for a later date.

My focus of this particular blog entry is on the Word of Wisdom class that D. Christopher taught.  The part that stuck out to me the most, and the part I felt like I needed to hear was about flesh consumption.  I realized that saying that meat was to be eaten "sparingly" and ONLY in "times of winter, or famine" meant just what it said.  Mr. Christopher explained that his son served a mission in Russia and before going over to Russia, he (the father) had a talk with his son (the future missionary) about how he should eat.  Coming from a family that did not consume milk or meat, the young man was hesitant about eating meat on his mission.  His father (D. Christopher) counseled him to "Eat like a Russian!"  The young man didn't follow his father's counsel and tried to survive the 40 degrees below zero weather knocking on doors, rarely being let into the homes, and staying outside in that cold of weather day in and day out.  Needless to say the missionary got sick and weak and was going to have to come back home until the father (D. Christopher) was able to convince his son that he NEEDED to eat meat products.  The boy reluctantly consented, began eating "Like a Russian", and gained back his strength and was able to finish his proscelyting mission in Russia.

So, with that being said, there IS a time for eating meat.  Eskimos survive on meat - raw meat.

However, when it is warm out and it is spring time and summer time.  It is important to eat only fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains "in it's season".  I could spend a lot of time talking about this, but I'll skip ahead and say this...

I am NOT going to eat Meat "Flesh" or "Milk" for 90 days.  I'm going to take a "before" and "after" picture.  I started today and already I accidentally ate a salad my husband prepared for me that had organic chicken meat in it.  Then without thinking I made some homemade corn tortillas and dipped the corner of the tortilla in butter. So much for going "Milk and Flesh Free" today.  It was surprising to me how many times I wanted to take a bite of Greek Yogurt, or slice off a piece of Vermont Sharp Cheddar Cheese. 

I talked to Fawn after the class was given.  Fawn is D. Christophers wife and co-star in the saturday radio health broadcast "A Healthier You" on am 1400.  Fawn told me to think of milk as a condiment and not as a drink.  My kids have snotty noses right now - even though the milk is raw milk that we consume.  This rarely happens, but I know they have been drinking milk like it's the only beverage we have.  The times I go without buying milk, I know that my kids noses become decongested.  If I buy milk these next 90 days, I will only use milk for the family like I would use a condiment.

So, here I go.  I haven't told anyone other than my husband, but somehow, posting it on this blog, I feel a sense of duty to finish what I say I'm going to do. 

I feel like I need a support group around me.  I need to find others willing to make the same committment and help each other through it.  Wish me luck...this will be intense, but I need to do it.

Lots of love !

-Steff E

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