Sunday, June 27, 2010

For my Posterity

It runs in the family... (Either on the maternal or paternal side of my husband and I's families)

1. Dementia

2. Bi-Polar Depression

3. Alcohol Addiction

4. Down Syndrome

5. Drug Addiction

6. Breast Cancer

7. Diabetes

8. Paranoia and Anxiety Disorders

9. Celiac Disease

10. Schizophrenia

I eat the way I do to save my children from the above list. I read "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Dr. Weston Price and became is our food that is causing problems and it is food that can cure us.

In healthy cultures studied by Dr. Weston Price, in many different parts of the world, the people had several things in common. They ate food that WAS NOT altered, or modified. They didn't can their food and did not add sugar. The type of food varied for each culture. Those close to the sea ate lots of shell fish, sea weed etc. Those in Alaska ate a lot of meat; those in European countries ate meat, milk products (made from raw milk) and various vegetables, fruits, etc. Listed below are the things that I learned from the studies of Dr. Price...

When you eat food as God intended...

1. You have room for ALL of your teeth - even wisdom need to cavities. Catacombs of the dead were also analyzed and all of the skeletons had ALL of their teeth clear up to over 100 years old - they had all of their teeth and they were free of cavities.

2. The people had beautiful facial and body structures without deformity. There was plenty of room in their faces for ALL of their teeth - including their wisdom teeth. They had an amazing ability to sing. With each generation introduced to processed food - in every civilization he studied, each generation became more degenerate. Their nasal cavity became narrower and their teeth became crowded - leaving no room for wisdom teeth. The teeth became rampant with cavities. They became susceptible to disease and deformities at birth. To reverse cancers or any diseases in people living in places where processed food was available, doctors recommended that the patient return to his native town and native ways of eating...there the disease and degeneration stopped.

3. People on un-processed foods had an amazing ability to withstand cold, to be free of illness and to perform incredible acts of strength. Dr. Price tells of an Eskimo Father who went out in a terrible storm in the ocean to find food for his family. The Eskimo would turn his canoe over into the water...holding his breath in the freezing cold as the enormous waves beat down on him, and then he would turn the canoe over and continue his search for food for hours and hours until he would return with a seal or other form of food for his family. There are many other examples from various cultures in his book.

What I want for MY family...

1. I want their physical structures to be as beautiful and perfect as God intended them to be.

2. I want my children to be as smart and talented as God intended them to be.

3. I want my children to be free of all of the terrifying degenerative illnesses listed above that are in my family or my husband's family.

4. I want my children to think clearly and have strong moral courage and strength.

5. I want my children to be able to withstand disease and plagues.

6. I want my grand-children to be even more intelligent and beautiful than their parents as my children eat the way God intended them to eat.

My new thoughts about God...

As I served my mission for the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile, I was saddened by the appearance of so many people who were deformed or had terrible tooth decay. I remember thinking to myself how unfair it was that these people suffered so much because of a lack of knowledge about dental hygiene, or modern medicine. I wondered why God would do this. The older I get the more I see Satan in the picture causing all the pain and suffering. I do believe God wants us to be healthy and to experience joy. I believe there really are evil men who are in the food industry who sell degenerative food to us in pretty packages that cause death and misery.

About Celiac Disease...

I am Grateful! My body won't let me eat the bad stuff; the fillers, the binders, the additives etc. A salmon can detect a spoonful of its water from its birth place in 10 Olympic sized pools. It has been amazing to me how my body will get weak if an ingredient was contaminated in a warehouse with gluten, if it was harvested by gluten in a field, or if gluten was used in any of the packaging or glue.

A Word of Caution! Eating Gluten-free DOES NOT mean that you are eating healthy…

Going gluten-free is a start, but it is not the end.

When you have completed 95 percent of your journey, you are only halfway there. ~ Japanese Proverb

With love,


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