Sunday, May 2, 2010


I realized last week, while traveling with my family, that my taste buds HAVE CHANGED! It was a surprise to me that potatoe chips no longer taste good to me.  I tried some that my husband had bought and although they were a healthier type of chip, the taste was not pleasant and so I didn't eat more than one or two as I thought about how amazing it was that they didn't taste good to me any longer. 

Another fun finding is that candy bars no longer taste good to me.  Several years ago my big addiction was recess peanut butter cups.  I walked through the gas station candy area and had absolutely no desire to buy anything.  When there is pop around (not in our house) but at parties, I take a little sip and can picture the faces of the degeneration from Dr. Weston Price's book and the pop is no longer appealing to me.  I know that Sprite and Bargg's Rootbeer is gluten-free, but a simple sip is all that it takes to appease my curiosity or thirst and then I'm fine with my kombucha or water.

The thing I'm working on now is trying to eat more vegetables as opposed to too much fruit.  I love fruit!  I love maple syrup and molasses in raw milk...I love the maple sugar granuals and raw honeycomb as a snack, but I know I need to balance it out more with more veggies.  It's been fun to load my refrigerator with 80% veggies.  We eat and cook what's in the refrigerator.  I keep all my organic meat and frozen fruit (most of it) out in the freezer in the garage.  I keep the seeds, nuts, spices, fermented veggies, veggies, and fruits closest to me in the fridge/freezer and in the pantry in my kitchen. You eat what you have infront of you.

It helps to plan out meals in advance.  Juliano's the "Un-cook Cookbook" has many recipes that have ingredients that should have been made and fermented several days prior.  So by planning out the meals, I can make sure to have an abundance of the "good food" infront of our faces and the bad food is not a temptation.  I think like an alcoholic (a recovered alcoholic), but in my case it would be called something like a glutenholic or recovering gluten addict.  When the bad foods sit in your cupboards, in the fridge etc. how does anyone have the self control to avoid a loaf of french bread, pizza or pasta???  I sure don't have the control.  The control starts with the thoughts...while at the store buying the food, and where I choose to place the food in my kitchen.

Last night Shane brought home a Gluten-Free Cheese Cake for HIS birthday cake.  It was so cute that he wanted me to feel included.  The cheesecake tasted good, because Shane bought it thinking of me and made the purchase out of love.  Honestly though, I had insomnia most of the night and heart burn.  It didn't set well with me and didn't digest well.  I would have been just as happy with a bowl full of fruit, with a side of Brown Cow Yogurt. 

A friend of mine, who is a Health Coach, Iridologist and owner of a health foods store, talks about how she feeds her family.  She follows very closely to the philosophy of eating foods that are un-processed, but throws in every once in awhile an item that helps her kids feel like they are getting a real treat.  Treats for us are things like bacon - organic - every once in awhile, gluten-free cakes at birthday time, and a couple treats during the holidays.  As we eat more and more un-processed foods, myself and my kids desire less and less the un-healthy treats.  Perhaps someday we will be a completely raw family - eating only seeds, nuts, raw milk, veggies, fruits etc.  But I don't think so.  We will eat organic pasture fed meat every once in awhile, and will probably never give up our consumption of organic free-range eggs.  I've found that if I try to feed my family a raw food diet, the closer I come to feeding them the ideal foods.  We have the right amount of veggies, of fruits, and our lack of total obedience to raw food allows us to cook yummy soups and meat dishes sparingly.  I don't see how I can ever give up soups like Chicken and Rice... kids absolutely loved the last one we made.

Happy Cooking!


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