Sunday, May 2, 2010

Angry Thoughts and Words

I recently learned that negative words spoken to a person can cause that person to turn into an "acidic state", just like eating crappy foods does.

I thought about all those happy, loving Mom's out there who are making casseroles, pasta's, cakes, cookies etc. for their kids and wondered if their happy loving words, and peaceful homes help the kids to make up for the food they eat???  Something to think about anyway.

So, what I walked away with learning from the above hypothesis - or who knows maybe it is validated scientifically, is that in addition to feeding my family pure food and water, I need to work on cleaning up my language and giving them "alkaline" words and phrases.  I always thought I was an extremely patient person.  That was until I got married and then had kids.  I now realize that I am NOT naturally patient, and NOT naturally sweet dispositioned.  It takes work and a LOT of self-control that I only seem to have as long as gluten is very far from me.

So, make sure the words you are saying to your spouse, your children, to others and to yourself are positive words.  This will help create greater health in your family and marriage.  I don't have to research this to know that it is true.  I can feel that this is true- so I will be working on implementing it.

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