Monday, April 19, 2010

PH Testing

It's late, but I thought I'd write something quick about PH Testing.

I attended a Health Coaching Class where they talked about the PH levels in the body.  I learned about the different minerals that cannot be absorbed into the body if it is too acidic.  At the advice of the teacher, I purchased some PH testing strips from the health foods store.  We had a little family night and family morning where we tested everyones PH levels.  I was blown away by how acidic one of my children was as well as my husband and I.  It was interesting to look at my diet and realize that although I ate extremely healthy, I knew that fruits and fruit juices were a big part of my problem. 

When a person drinks pop, the acidity level is incredible. But too much juice will also do the same thing to the acid/alkaline balance in the body. So, I don't buy fruit juice like I use to.  Only once in awhile, and in moderation. 

It was interesting to learn that iodine is one of the first things that cannot be absorbed when the body is too acidic. (Thus thyroid issues) The body constantly will try to keep an alkaline state and will draw from bones, teeth, hair etc. all that it can to remain alkaline.  So, just another reason to eat foods like they did in the 1900's as described by Dr. Weston Price. 

Happy PH Testing!


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Anonymous said...

Very nice post STeffanie - I am curious about food in the 1900's does that mean home grown??