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OK Dad let me teach you what to eat!

OK Dad let me teach you what to eat!

For those of you who do not have the energy or desire to read all of the books I've recommended, due to health problems, or lack of time, or you simply have a desire to implement quickly all of the truths we've implemented into our lives, using your faith (without reading the books), I feel like I need to summarize all of the things we learned.

The above entry is how my previous entry started, but then it twisted and turned and ended in an entirely different way.  So in following after the previous entry, I am going to talk to you as if I was talking to my Dad, telling him about everything I've learned.

De-junking your Kitchen...

K...I'm in the pantry.  Sorry Dad.  There is absolutely NOTHING in here that I want you to be eating.  You've been on the verge of ending your life and so I've got to be drastic with the changes, there isn't a moment of healing to spare.  We need all of the bad stuff out.  So sorry, but all of these grains are packaged and highly processed with a lot of "crap" mixed in with it.  We've got to get rid of all of these cereals, these quick packaged meals that everyone loves, etc.  So sorry to do this to you, but I need you to choose life.

K....all of these oils needs to go.  Crisco, the cooking oils etc. all have to be gone.

The potatoes are here - they're not organic and so it's your choice.  You can keep them, but we're buying organic here on out.  As far as all of the pop, the thickeners, and the packets to make things, the canned food....we'll have to set that aside downstairs.  All of this canned food will be downstairs in case of an emergency, but we need you well now, and this canned food is not going to do the trick.

"Don't worry Dad...we'll have a little chat latter how you can keep foods through the winter by using fermentation, but you need to trust me on this one right now.  There is a better way of doing food storage than using canned food - trust me."

(I can picture my Dad saying "What do you think you're doing?  Get out of my pantry and let me eat whatever I want to. He would of course say this while smiling....and I would know that he loved all of the attention he was getting, and we would continue to joke and laugh together throughout the entire "Kitchen Cleanse".)

We'd then move to the Fridge/Freezer where I'd take out all the Ice Cream / Popsicle Sticks, all of the meat etc. from the Freezer.  We'd remove the milk, the cheese, any type of yogurt, sour cream, butter etc. (Because it is from milk from cows that are fed garbage), pumped with steroids and hormones and all sorts of other crap.  If Dad protests I'd put him in front of the TV to watch the DVD "Foods Inc." and would have a copy of "The Untold Story of Milk" for him to read if he'd prefer that to the television.

After reading the book and watching the movie, if he said that he still wanted to buy milk products from the regular store, I'd teach him using this analogy...

K Dad... would you please try to imagine that your wife's job is being a "Milk Producer" for the general public.  She provides milk for the local dairy company (who collects it from various women) who work in a very crowded area.  K... younger reader discretion is advised...

Food fed to the Women...consists of ground up meat from other women workers who have died, ground up grains, and filled with hormones to make their chest swell as big as possible and to provide the maximum amount of milk possible.  The mix would also contain antibiotics so that the women would remain healthy even though they were not allowed to leave the plant the entire day and would have to poop or pee right where they were. 

Once the Milk is taken from the women it is put into a big area where it is pasteurized (killing all the good and bad bacteria).  Since people don't like seeing the cream rise to the top, the milk will be homogenized (broken down so small) that the milk fat will be evenly distributed throughout the entire milk jug.  Since the milk no longer has any vitamins or minerals (killed by the pasteurization and homogenization) they'll "fortify" it with added vitamins and minerals (from inorganic sources).

Ok Dad.....another scenario would be to...

Feed the women in their natural environment (their homes) the healthiest food available - and most organic.  The women will get plenty of fresh air, and time to exercise.  They will give just the amount of milk that they are naturally able to.  To extract the milk, they will come to the milk sanitation extraction room (sanitized), where they will be cleaned and the milk will be extracted into a container that keeps the milk at a cool temperature to keep from spoiling too soon.  The milk is tested to make sure there are no pathogens and then on to being put into containers, shipped in a way that the milk remains cool and onto the shelves as pure as God intended.

So Dad, what would you prefer...there are two options for your kids.  Our US society chose the 1st option.  I guarantee you do NOT want to purchase any milk products from the regular stores.  I don't even buy raw milk unless I know where the source is and I've visited the site to make sure it's handled properly.  I REPEAT...I DO NOT BUY MILK PRODUCTS FROM REGULAR STORES - YUCK!!!

Dad, I trust Real Foods Market or Redmond Farms Raw Milk Products.  We are only buying raw milk and cheese from them.  If you were better we'd buy dairy products from the Health Food Stores, but we will make our own yogurt, our own butter (from the raw milk) and our own buttermilk and keifer.  No worries's easy.  BUT you aren't going to overload yourself on Dairy...this will be just a small portion of your diet.

Ok, on to the meats.  I've brought you meat that is from animals that were free range.  They were not fed some man-made food mix, but have eaten on the pastures as freely as possible.  Here is turkey meat, some cow meat, some chicken meat.  OK, absolutely NO pork.  Even organic pork has shown to increase cancer growth in humans...this is an absolute NO...without exceptions. 

As far as Seafood and Fish is concerned???  Real Foods Market has done a lot of research on their fish products.  Farmed fish are NOT healthy like you may think...due to being fed man-made ridiculous food - probably made from corn and antibiotics, steroids etc.  The Salmon, Tilapia, Halibut I'm giving you is from fresh, pollution free waters in the oceans or streams.  Scavenger meat like Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster etc. is an absolute NO. If you were on an island and you knew the scavenger lived in clean water - sure, but we don't have access to scavenger meat that we know is free of toxins and poisons...sorry Dad...that's just for once or twice a year.

K....all of this lovely Iodized Salt...that's all got to go.  Trust me - it is SOOO bad for you.   Here is Redmond Real Salt.  Yes it looks like there's dirt in it, but that is all the good things you've been missing out on.  There is NO way I'll use iodized salt.  (If Dad gives me a hard time, I'll remind him that I was on thyroid medicine for 18 years and was able to get off of the medicine due to my change in diet, and changing from Iodized Salt to Real Sea Salt).

This big bag of sugar has got to call this stuff Maple Syrup???  You call this Honey???  Far from it...look at the should say "Pure Maple Syrup" (Grade B is the Best) As far as the can it be honey if the farmers fed the bees sugar?  Look at the honey I brought you...doesn't look anything like what you have does it... and the taste is amazing!   I've also brought you some honeycomb from our neighbors.  It's really expensive in stores, but thank goodness you have friends in the country...this stuff is amazing.  The kids love chewing on it...and it's great to keep around when I'm tempted by holiday goodies that neighbors drop off.  So now you have PURE maple syrup (from the Amish) and PURE Molasses and pure Honey. 

Here are some eggs from a local farmer who has free-range chickens.  I love the ones from Redmond Heritage Farms.  I wish that we could raise our own chickens and eggs, but that will be a couple years down the road.

So, in your fridge you have the raw milk, the raw cheese, the organic pasture-fed eggs (orange yolks instead of the yellow - which shows their true quality)... let’s add some condiments from Real Foods Market...

Naturally Gluten Free Mustard
Fruit Sweetened Ketchup
Lemon Juice and Lime Juice - Organic
Butter - Organic (If we don't have our own made from the raw milk)

How do you make butter?  Shane takes the cream from the top of the milk and puts it in our Vitamix (blender) on a low speed.  After a while the milk forms little balls at the top of the milk.  We turn off the blender and separate the milk from the now butter-milk (fat free).  We like drinking the low-fat milk (not as much as the whole milk) and add a little sea salt to the butter and put it in a French butter bowl and you can save it out of the fridge without going bad.  Just remember to change the water in the French butter bowl every couple of days.

Alright Dad, I know that you love your pickles, sauerkraut, relish etc....

Pickles - Bubbies brand (must be refrigerated)
Sauerkraut - Bubbies Brand
Relish - Bubbies Brand

Since we are on a budget, I've brought some of the less expensive vegetables for you...all Organic...

Spinach, Chard,
Cabbage (Red)
Cabbage (Green)

Note:  I'd recommend that my Dad have a garden where he'd grow as much of the produce himself (organically) as he could possibly have the time and space for.  I'd recommend planting....

Tomatoes (Plum, Cherry or Roma Tomatoes)
Squash (Corn, Peas and Squash planted together help each other in various ways)
String Beans
Cucumbers (Regular, Long, Prickly Pear etc.)
Potatoes (Red, White, Golden)


Grow Garlic, Dill, Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Chives

Then, I'd talk to Dad about planting fruit trees, berry bushes and planting other fruits...



Melons (Kasaba, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Watermelon etc.)

Nut Trees
Walnut Tree
Get Pine Nuts Seasonally - go Pine Nut much fun.

We'd buy fruit in season from the local farmers markets. 

Note:  As I've made the above list of trees to plant, fruit and veggies to harvest I've thought back to my Mom's garden.  She grew all of the above.  She was a single Mom - worked 9-5pm year round.  I'm amazed that she had such a huge garden.  At least 1/4 acre, but she did it.  In addition, we had chickens, and a pig.  My step-dad would introduce us to Okra (which I loved battered and fried), Honeycomb (we had honey bees), and rabbits (we ate rabbit meat and sold the rabbit meat as well). 

In his pantry we'd stock him up on all sorts of seed, beans, and nuts...

Sunflower Seeds (we'd soak and then dry with sea salt to use as a snack)
Flax Seeds (great for making crackers)
Chia Seeds (yummy soaked in water, then add a sweetener, berries and cream) Ummmmm
Sesame Seeds

Nuts... (Not in bulk - just small packages so they don't go rancid quickly)
Pine Nuts
Pistachios (as a treat now and then)

Note:  We'd discuss the benefit of soaking nuts and grains before using.  The nuts we'd soak in a sea salt water solution for a day, then drain and dehydrate....then store.

Red Beans, Black Beans, Pinto Beans, Kidney Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Navy Beans, etc. etc.

Millet/ Amaranth
Gluten Free Oats - Only from Gluten-Free dedicated grower
Basmati Rice, other Wild Rice Blends - absolutely NO store packed mixes with added spices

ABSOLUTELY NO, I REPEAT NO WHEAT, BARLEY, RYE, OR OATS (OATS - Not from GF Fields and processing plants etc.....I've gotten REALLY sick from eating Oats that were cross-contaminated with wheat.

Now about the Spices...

We'll want to get rid of or better "give away"...all of your spices that are anything more than spices...that have anything else added to them.  Organic is better, but we'll use your spices up and then only buy organic ones.


We've moved out your white vinegar from the pantry to the cleaning closet.  Use it to clean windows, but do NOT use it with your cooking.

Use Balsamic Vinegar -
Apple Cider Vinegar - Braggs Brand

Soy Sauce...

ONLY use Braggs "Liquid Amino".  Don't use the any other brand.


We'll make our own.

Ice Cream

Make it with Raw Milk, organic Fruit, and Maple Syrup.


We use only Coconut Oil and Olive Oil, flaxseed oil, or grape seed oil. (We keep Udo's oil on hand to add to morning shakes)

Lunch Meat...

Applegate has Gluten Free Sandwich Sliced Meat


We'd keep plenty of fruits and veggies on hand to juice our own juices (sparingly).

I'd give him the cookbook "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. 

I'm worn out from writing the last two blog entries and so I'll close quickly...

So, Dad and I would sit in his kitchen and look at how beautiful all of the new food in his kitchen is.  It would be organized. 

On the menu... he would need to re-learn how to cook.  But the added energy would give him back more than enough of his time and life to make up for the time it takes to prepare a meal.

My thoughts are with you....


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