Friday, April 16, 2010

Gluten-Free Resources

I advise a couple of things...

1- Join a Celiac Support Group in your area and attend regularly - I cannot emphasize this enough.  I would have NEVER learned about Blue Cheese Dressing Cultures being made on bread (therefore anything with blue cheese in it is NOT gluten-free), I learned about the floured packaging and conveyor belts, and about the floured frozen juice cans...and even fruit juice.  SO CRAZY.  Have faith, MAKE THE TIME to go, and keep going.  Google for Celiac Support Groups in your area.

2- Triumph Dining has a "Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide" book.  Mine is outdated (2006-2007) but I will go onto their website when I'm traveling to find gluten-free dining options.

3- Become familiar with Celiac Forums.  There are many on the internet.  Just google your question and you will be brought to several different Celiac Form websites.

4- Read, Read, Read...There are many books on Celiac Disease.

5- Read my blog - and learn from my mistakes.  It's nice to learn from the mistakes of others so you won't have to go through the same problems.  That is why a Celiac Support Group is so important.

If you want to there is a Gluten-Free mall online, but from personal experience I got sick of trying to eat "immitations" of the real thing...that never tasted as good and so to keep me 100% on the gluten-free diet I eat foods that are "Natually Gluten-Free".  This also makes it so that the family doesn't feel like they have to sacrifice every time a gluten-free meal is prepared for the family, or make the individual feel left out that has celiac disease if everyone is eating something different.

I like to think of my eating as if I'm an "Alcoholic (addicted to Gluten)".  When people bring home anyting "Alcoholic (that has gluten that will make me sick) it is hard "as an addict" to avoid the food if it is staring me in the face.  We keep whole grain bread and rolls in the garage fridge (out of my sight) and I make Shane take anything with Gluten that is tempting for me to work where he can have it and I'm not tempted.

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