Friday, April 16, 2010

Drinks for Kids

I do not give my kids any drinks with sugar in it.  I would make lemonade with water, lemon or lime juice, and stevia.  I use to use Agave (which tastes better), but no longer buy Agave after reading Sally Fallons article on it. 

My kids also enjoy various herbal teas. I buy bags of Raspberry tea leaves, Spearmint, Peppermint, Brigham Tea, and various other teas that are for more medicinal use than anything. I will add a little stevia and honey to sweeten them just to the point that my kids notice a little bit of "sweet" in the drinks. When preparing Herbal Teas, boil the water and then turn it to simmer when you add the herbs. Let it simmer for about 20 minutes and then remove the pan from the heat, let cool, and strain. We have been buying our bulk herbs from the Health Food Stores, but when at Mom's house we pick the raspberry, comfrey, spearmint, wintergreen, or peppermint from her garden. When it's not available fresh, we use our supply of dried herbs.

Another drink we love is coconut milk. It's pricey, but we buy it occasionally when it's on sale, and then ration it out to the kids so that it doesn't disappear in one day.

We also buy Kombucha buy the case.  We get 20% off buy doing that.  Kombucha, we've been told, tastes like wine "with a kick".  It is a fermented drink.  My husband and I love it.  My 3 year old drinks it like soda pop, but for others just trying it, I would suggest diluting it with water and then adding a sweetener like stevia.  Please buy one and try it first.  Each flavor is very differerent from the other flavors.  My body craves the one with spirulina and chorella in it, but my husband loves the grape flavored one. 

A note to Celiac's about Raw Milk.  Raw milk has the enzymes in it neccessary to digest milk.  Processed milk does NOT have the natural digestive enzymes because it is destroye during the Pasteurization and Homogenization process.  Some people, unable to drink processed milk without getting sick, can drink Raw Milk without a problem.  However, kids "allergic" to milk are still get allergic reactions to raw milk.  Do not try giving raw milk to a child who is allergic to dairy.

Please note that the very tip of the villi in the intestines (that gets damaged by gluten) is the part of the villi that digests milk.  So, recently diagnosed Celiacs are advised to elliminate all dairy products until their villi is healed completely and then they are to introduce fermented milk products first like buttermilk or keifer and then cottage cheese, yogurt, and then later milk back into their diet.

There are a lot of drinks that can be made by using nuts or rice.  The Rice Dream milk at Costco is gluten-free.  I buy this to keep on hand in case of an emergency and keep it in our trailer.  I avoid soy milk completely.

Our most recent drink has been using the carbonated water machine to make the soda taste and then we add flavored stevia to it as well as slices of various fruits. Ummmmm so yummy!

We love our Herbal Teas!  We love Kombucha! We love Coconut Juice!  We love lemonade and limeade. 

FYI: To save the cost of making Kombucha I've purchased the Kombucha cultures.  They are in my fridge, but I've yet to make the drink.  Perhaps that will be on tomorrows agenda.

Thank you so much for your question.  Keep them coming.

Happy drink making :)


jennybrum said...

Thank you! Tons of ideas I NEVER would have thought of!

Steffi said...

Your welcome :)