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Cheat Foods

So there are many of you who are recently diagnosed, or you have children that are now considered to be "gluten intollerant", have a "wheat allergy", or have "Celiac Disease". 

Here are some survival items to use as needed...

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The below suggestions are NOT in my kitchen right now.  Many of the items I haven't eaten in years. I buy them ONLY for special occasions or every once in a "great" while.  I'm suggesting them to you to use with judgment.  It took years of tasting very disgusting immitations of food to find the below items - so use them and let me take the pain and guessing out of eating Unhealthy Gluten-Free food ;)


A.  Betty Crocker now makes a gluten-free yellow cake mix. (The company also makes a chocolate chip cookie mix and a brownie mix).  I make the cake, then make my own whipping cream (whipping cream - cream, maple syrup), I slice up strawberries and cover the cake.  For a more delicious cake, I half the cake horizontally and add a layer of whipping cream and strawberries in the middle of the cake and then spread the whipping cream and strawberries on the outside.  This is a huge success.

B.  Namaste (Brand Available in Good Earth) has a "Spice Cake Mix".  If you love carrot cake, you will LOVE this mix if you follow the instructions for adding shredded carrots etc.  I made cupcakes for the kids and the neighboors using the Spice Cake mix and they were gone so quickly that I made another batch (total 4 dozen) gone in two days. 

C.  Charlottes Bakery makes amazing pies.  This is a company in Utah and is available in Good Earth Stories.


The health food stores have a lot of wonderful options, but Charlotte's Bakery (BY FAR) makes the most delicious sugar cookies.  They taste like "the real thing".


The best bread mix I've ever made is from Namaste.  Look in the health food stores for the gluten-free section of cake, bread mixes etc.  Namaste mixes are in a brown paper bag looking package with purple and black writing on it.  I've never been disappointed by Namaste, but I make sure to follow the directions exactly.  If it calls for egg whites - trust there is a reason why not to use the entire egg...etc. etc.


Go to if you can't find the brand in the frozen section of your health food store.  There are doughnuts, muffins, and pizza dough that are the closest to the "real thing" as possible.  I sent my Grandmother (Diagnosed Celiac), the above items for Christmas - and she loved them.  I only like the muffins, the pizza dough, and the doughnuts, and Cinnamon Rolls.  I don't buy anything else from them.


I was told the Spaghetti Factory had a Gluten-Free menu and so I went there with my husband.  I was expecting to eat something "somewhat good", but was blown away that I LOVED the pasta etc.  The cook verified that it was indeed gluten-free and since I was still doubtfull, he good humoredly brang me out the packaging for the gluten-free said "TINYADA".  Tinyada pasta is available at most health food stores and I've even seen it in some regular grocery stores.  Any kind of pasta from spaghetti, to the spiraled, to macaronni shaped pasta is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  We don't keep it in our house, because my kids would want to eat it for every meal.  I buy it every couple of months as a "treat", but that's only because of my health scare.  If I were a Celiac - without worry of MS Symptoms returning, I'd probably have it every day.


Kozy Shack makes a delicious rice pudding, tapioca pudding and chocolate pudding.  It's available in Walmart and most every grocery store.  SO delicious! 


You will become familiar with Amy's brand products.  Not all products that are Amy's are Gluten-Free, but we stock up on the Coconut Soup, the Lentil Soup, and any other soup with a gluten free label.  Amy's brand has a fantastic gluten-free Chile.  There are many spaghetti sauces that say gluten-free (at Health Food Stores) as well as many Salad Dressings and Frozen Entries.  Just look on the packaging for the Gluten-Free labeling. 

Be careful buying bulk items that are open to individuals to scoop up their own.  Contamination from the containers, or the scoops themselves being used in the wrong compartment is very common.  Try buying bulk in packaging already.


Turkey slices from Costco (Says Gluten-Free)
Almonds, Walnuts, Pinenuts
No Salt Seasoning
Frozen Fruit (Buy in Bags and then bring home and seperate into smaller bags)
Organic Carrots
Organic Spinache
Strawberries, Mangos, Pineapple, Pears, Kiwi,
Onions in Bulk
Potatoes (at times)  We prefer buying Organic whenever possible.
We buy Crab and Lobster once or twice a year.  (Christmas and Easter)
Brown Cow Yogurt


We buy the dairy items and Real Foods Market, or at the Health Food Store.  Be sure to stick with stuff that is NOT low fat.  It must NOT say modified food starch.  If you buy sour cream at Walmart ONLY buy Daisy brand sour cream and butter that is only "Cream and Salt" on the label.  Cheese gets me sick ALL the time...please avoid shredded cheese.  I love trying out various cheese - especially gouda, but I get sick almost every time.  We stick to the Redmond Farms brand of cheese, but there are other brands that will say "Gluten-Free" on the packaging.

A note about Google...

Google has become my best friend. Please get in the habit of using the Celiac Forum (google your question) and it is amazing what you will find out.  I googled Smarties one time because I thought they were gluten-free, but discovered that Smarties are resold and repackaged in so many different ways and the instructions as to finding the gluten-free ones (by matching the tracking number given on the website to the number on the packaging) would tell if it was gluten-free or not.

I haven't been to a Celiac Support Group in a long time, but last I heard was that...

DORITOS - The RANCH brand is Gluten-Free

POP - Sprite and Barggs Root beer are the only ones I know are safe.  (I tried out a new root beer this last new years, and I was on the floor without strenght to move before the clock struck midnight.  It was really be cautious and google before trying new things).

CANDY BARS - Snickers are safe.  The DARK Milk Way bar - NOT the Original Milky Way.  It was funny how I tried a "Mini" Dark Milky Way bar one time and thought I "got away with eating gluten without getting sick".  I later tried the original Milky Way bar (confidently eating the whole thing) and was bed-ridden.  The same with doritos.  It's funny how if I cheat and think I'm "getting away with eating gluten"...I later discover that that particular flavor was gluten free...this happened with Ranch Doritos as well.  

CORN Chips - Be REALLY CAREFULL!!!  Do NOT eat them unless it says Gluten-Free.  Even if it doesn't list anything bad.

CHEWING GUM AND MINTS - BE CAREFULL!!!  Google, or call the number on the packaging if you have questions.  I called Wrigleys and they said their product is gluten-free, but since their gum has changed look and taste since this last year, both myself and my Grandmother have stopped buying it - even though the company says it's ok.


For Easter and Christmas we go to the Health Food Stores to buy gluten-free candies.  We like buying fruit leather, small juice boxes, fruit, and string cheeses in place of a lot of junk food.


I HATE the taste of SO Many gluten-free brands of cookies etc.  I can't think of the name, but there is a cookie we buy that's gluten-free (I'lll look up the brand and post later), we add hersey's chocolate and the marshmellows (Can't think of the brand right now either - It has a rainbox looking stripe section by the name)...I'll research and get back to you.


I've learned to thicken Fruit Juice, and concentrated fruit juice with Pectin to make Jello / I add tapioca to fruit and water to make pie fillings and fruit smashed with fruit juice and then cooked with pectin make great Jams.  ST. DALFOUR makes wonderful jams using concentrated fruit juice as the delicious.

Google to make sure the frozen fruit juice you buy is indeed gluten-free.  Sometimes fruit juice cans are floured so that the juice slides out easier.

If you have other questions, please post a comment and I'll answer it and add it to the blog.

Good luck - but remember the above suggestions are NOT a stable in our house.  We buy these only rarely and usually only for birthday's or holidays :)  but everybody's story is different - no judgement if the above are stables in your diet.

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jennybrum said...

Do you know about sugar free drink mixes like Crystal Light? My son gets tired of drinking water all the time but he can't do fruit juice unless his blood sugar is really low. I don't give him much milk to drink (less than 4 oz per day if any) because its been making him sick. Before he was diagnosed with Celiac we would give him crystal light or diet soda occasionally, but now I don't know...