Saturday, January 16, 2010

Herbs de Province

When I was recovering from the birth of my last baby, a friend of mine (Native French Citizen- lovely french accent) brought me over a chicken and rice dish that was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!  Her secret ingredient.... "Herbs de Province".  She cooked the rice, she cooked the chicken, then she added a can of canned tomatoes (diced) and added Herbs de Province and Sea Salt.  SOOOOO Yummy.  I kept questioning her saying "that's all....nothing else"...and she validated..."No....nothing else".

Since that time, I've used Herbs de Province a ton! I've made Juliano's raw buckwheat bread and used Herbs de Province and Sea Salt to flavor it - I quadrupled the batch, but once it was done I wish that I'd made even more....although I think my dehydrator was at capacity with the amount I made.

Anyway, tonight I made homemade corn tortillas (using our mexican tortilla press).  I use Maseca Corn Tortilla Flour and follow the directions for water and salt (I use Sea Salt).  The kids love helping me make the tortillas and tonight they got a little creative and started using their cookie cutters to turn the tortillas into animals which we cooked and then dipped in the following concoction...

1 tsp. Herbs de Province
1/4 cup Olive Oil
Sea Salt to Taste

The above is a "guesstimate" as I didn't measure, but make it according to your own taste and preference.  Remember that it takes a couple of minutes for the herbs to mix in with the oil so that when you dip your bread (or in our case tortillas) into the mixture you have the full flavor of the herbs and not just the taste of the oil.  I added oil as needed...when it started to get a little salty or had too much herb to oil ratio as we devoured the tortillas.

A note about buying Olive Oil...

You know that it's a high quality oil if it is cold pressed and if it comes in a dark bottle.  I usually buy mine at Real Foods Market, but ran out a couple of weeks ago and went to Smiths and bought the one in the darkest bottle and the one I "felt" was the best - we never really know do we - what is really the purest on the market....that is why I rely heavily on all the research Real Foods Market does on each one of their products.

You can use the above mentioned Herb Mix to flavor rice, to add to soups, to add to cheese spreads, or even on top of a potatoe with sour cream, organic butter, sea salt, and the blessed herb mix.

A note to Celiac's about Crepes....

The same friend that made me the above dish also made me some delicious french crepes for breakfast.  They were naturally Gluten-Free.  Try following a Crepe Recipe, but use corn starch instead of any flower suggested.  The crepes were delicious!  Try spreading St Dalfour fruit jelly on top with a dab of homemade whipping cream (whipping cream and agave whipped up together)....ummmmmmmm. 

A note about St. Dalfour Jams... they are made with NO sugar....they sweeten their fruit spreads with concentrated fruit juice.  Naturally Gluten-Free and very tasty.  I buy them whenever I see them on sale at Good Earth and stock up on 3 or 4 every time they have a sale.

I wish I knew how to say something in french to end this....but I don't so I'll end by saying....

If I could eat french bread I would in an instant.  I love bread so much that I think I ate my lifetime supply of bread before the age of 21 and so my body finally revolted and decided it would be better for me to develop an intollerance to bread - so I'd have no choice but NOT to eat gluten.

I am grateful for the intollerance my body's a great excuse at parties why NOT to eat all the junk.... atleast I keep telling myself that =).

I hope all is well for you and your family.

With much love,


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