Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gluten Free Protein Shake

This was recommended to me by a friend that works at Herbs for Health.  It includes three products...

1) "Love Peas" from Nature's Sunshine
2)"Ultimate Green Zone" from Nature's Sunshine
3) "Life's Basics Plant Protein" (has Pea, Hemp, Rice with Chia Seed - A Complete Protein Rich in   Omega 3.6.9) by Lifetime

I didn't receive instructions on the exact way to make the shake and so I've been using 8 oz. of water and using a scoop of each....then I shake it up and wallah....the most delicious protein shake I've ever had. 

Love Peas has 20 g of Protein, Life's Basics has 22 g of protein and the green shake has only 2.6. 

The woman who recommended the shake listed above had a daughter that although she was beautiful to look at, she was incredibly mean and rude to everyone.  After taking the shake a couple times of day (for several months) the woman said that her daughter, now after a year is finally turning into a sweet child.  They have drastically changed their diet and eat whole foods, organic, as close to mother nature intended as possible.

I will make the shake for myself, but my little Leah (3 years old) will eagerly reach for it and will seriously gulp down the entire thing, and I'm happy to make another one for Cameron (4) and then finally I get one to myself.  Walker (8) and Sage (6) don't seem too interested in the shakes.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cleansing Book Recommendation

This book came highly recommended from several individuals.  It is called "The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush - The powerful Do It-Yourself Tool To Optimize Your Health and Well being" by Andreas Moritz.  He has the book in Spanish as well.

Before attempting the cleanse...please get approval from your Health Practitioner.  My wonderful Dr. tested me on the electro-dermal machine and said that if I would have tried the cleans it..."could have killed me".  He got me on some supplements from Standard Process that was "AF Beta foods" and "Super EFF" in addition to several homeopathic remedies to support the gall bladder and liver so it would begin to be stronger in it's ability to heal itself.  After several weeks, and a colonic later, I was tested and was told I could do the cleanse now that my organs were strong enough to handle the cleanse.

Miyosi and I are going to the store tomorrow to buy Cranberry Juice and Chinese help prepare ourselves for the weeks prior to the cleanse, the 6 days of more intense diet before the cleanse and the 2 day cleanse.  We will be omitting all Meat, Dairy and Greasy foods for the first week and a half...then during the 6 days it gets more intensive and the 2 days there are many strict guidelines that you need to adhere to with 100% accuracy.  I highly recommend reading the book for all the details.

I really enjoyed learning about the importance of bile in the digestive process.  Without it all sorts of chaos erupts in the digestive system.  The book explains it a lot better than I can.

There are some pretty amazing pictures of the results of the cleanse.  I'm not sure I'd want to share any of my pictures, but will definitely talk about the results!

Note: (It is now a year later) I never finished this cleanse due to pregnancy and nursing.  Hopefully someday I will give you the feedback on the cleanse results.  Let me know if anyone tries it and has success.

Good luck cleansing!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spelling and Punctuation - My Apologies

I took advanced level English Classes in College.  I fear you wouldn't know that from how my punctuation and sentence structure is.  The other day I was writing something in English and when I reread what I had written I noticed that instead of saying "K" or "OK", I had written "Que" which means "what" in Spanish, but sounds like "K".  I fear I've got my own little language going on here at the Celiac Shack.

NOTICE: English Major Volunteers Needed :)  If you have some time to make corrections to my blog, I welcome any suggestions.  Send me a message and I can make you a contributor to this blog.  I also have contributors to my Spanish Blog.  I fear the language I write and speak is called "Spanglish".

I hope that you are able to understand my message despite the raw state and imperfections.
Thank you.


Christmas Dinner - a la GRILL

We ate our King Crab Legs (scavenger meat) for our yearly Christmas Family Dinner.  Shane helped out and it was a HUGE success.  Shane punctured the legs of the King Crab Legs in various areas and cooked it on the grill outside.  We also cooked our potatoes (covered in olive oil and sea salt) on the grill.  For the side dish we heated up spinach and added Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and sea salt.  Shane made a butter/lemon/chive dip for the crab legs and we ate the potatoes with organic sour cream and butter.  IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.   We eat scavenger meat only a couple times a year - and don't barbecue as often as we use to, but when we do eat it, it is a real treat.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try grilling the crab legs.  We usually put asparagus on the grill as well (using the wooden sticks to grill several together at the same time...we add Bragg's Liquid Amino's, a bit of sesame oil, and sprinkle sesame seeds over the top once cooked).  We were in a hurry and so we didn't eat the asparagus for this meal, but I recommend it if you prepare the crab legs and the potatoes on the grill in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gluten Free * (With an Asterisk)'s been a bad month for me with regards to getting gluten on accident.  Let me tell you about the most recent one...

I received a gift of chocolates that said GLUTEN FREE*  (Notice the Asterisk)

We didn't notice the asterisk and so Shane happily reported they were Gluten Free and offered me one.  I don't like chocolate very much but I ate it - just to try it - after all it WAS gluten-free (we thought).  Then about 20 minutes later I began to feel my batteries draining.... I looked at the bag and read the fine print below - it didn't even have the asterisk anywhere as it should have .  It listed the products they sold and how two of the products (with the same packaging) are NOT gluten free.  Oh good, Shane commented, this isn't one of those products that are NOT gluten free.  We then turned the package over and looked at the says Maltitol (FROM WHEAT) as the second ingredient...

So how is that Gluten Free?  Hummmm....

I was at a Relief Society event one time when I turned the fruit juice around to look at the ingredients.  At that time I was in really good shape and was very skinny.  The lady, assuming I was counting calories, rolled her eyes at me and walked away.  I wanted to throw the juice bottle at her head.  What an idiot.  If she only knew.  By the way....the juice DID have gluten in it - and I DIDN'T drink it.  Unfortunately eating socially for me is something I absolutely HATE.

At the Company Christmas Party this year, we went to Rodizzio Grill.  I was very reluctant to go and told Shane I really just wanted to stay home, because I was worried about getting sick.  He had me call the restaurant and they enthusiastically said "almost everything on our menu is gluten free".  So, I went and had a fabulous time with everyone.  Then the reality hit when I couldn't walk from the car to the house without assistance - Shane had to help me.  Then, I was bedridden all day, the next day, and the next day.  Three days of my life wasted because I trusted the cooks, I trusted the gluten-free menu, I trusted the waitresses.  When I'm that sick it's not from contamination....there was something that was SUPPOSE to be gluten-free that was absolutely NOT.  I didn't even eat any of their was something in their salad bar that was suppose to be on their "NOT Gluten Free List" they gave me to navigate through their salad bar or it was my drink that was supposedly gluten-free that really wasn't. 
FYI...the salad and soupa touscana at Olive Garden is NOT gluten-free anymore.  What a disappointment.  Their gluten free dish is really nasty.  It's like a bad gluten free pasta covered in tomato sauce (plain) without spices....and heated in a nightmare TV dinner fashion...don't bother buying it.

Sorry this blog is so negative....

Oh....the next contamination.... I bought honeycomb for myself.  Yes it's a very expensive $14 tiny square of honey comb - I use when I'm tempted by all the Christmas goodies neighbors bring by.  My Nanny decided to spread it on wheat bread....???? and dip the knife into the honey again...contaminating the whole thing...   Fortunately I only got sick twice from it before I noticed all the tiny bread crumbs....URGH....I need to put locks on everything in my kitchen and only I have a key....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I highly recommend this DVD or the book "FOOD INC".  It validated everything I've read in books over the past several years and what my gut has been telling me when I've eaten meat - not from an organic source. reflect back to a company party we had three years ago...

I volunteered to make Christmas Dinner for all the Employees merged into the newly formed company that my husband and his business partner had formed from their two companies.  At my suggestion, we (the owners and administrators) made Christmas Dinner consisting of: Organic Steak and King Crab Legs (not so healthy - as it is scavenger meat), organic potatoes, organic salads etc. for everyone.  I remember all the doubts and worries about what the employees would think, but it turned out to be a HUGE success and everyone absolutely loved the food and the family atmosphere (everyone brought their families) - yes CRAZY I know - but everyone loved it!

This year the Christmas Party was held in a well known restaurant in the area.  It's amazing how far I've come in my desires to eat healthy and to audit everything that goes into my mouth.  When all the various meat options were put before me, I had absolutely NO desire to taste any of the meat.  I know how the meat is prepared, how the animals are treated, the food the animal is given and the rancidity and danger of the bacteria the meat carries and so it was easy to say "No Thank You".

I cannot remember the last time that I bought meat at a regular store.  All the meat we buy is Organic and from farmers we know and trust.  When I listened to the story about the Mom losing her son because he ate meat that was contaminated and the recall was put out 15 days after the boy had died, my kids looked at me and said that they were grateful that we buy the "Healthy Food".  Yes costs more, but your lives are worth that extra precaution.

A BIG thanks to the makers of that movie and a big SHAME ON YOU to all those big companies in America who are denying Americans of their rights....I'll save my rampage for a later blog.

Anyway,  I'm happy to say the last "non-organic chicken" I ate was prepared for me over a year ago by a lady who was fixing me dinner...I can still picture the color and texture of that meat from that NON-organic looked really disgusting and so I had the smallest amount I could fit on my tortilla and since that time, whenever this individual offered to cook for me "something special" I always volunteer to bring the meat - and it's solved the previous dilemma.

When my husband opened the evening those many years ago at the Company Christmas Party he started the evening off by saying "I want all of you to know that the meat you are eating came from happy cows".  Then I thought in my mind... "they ate grass and roamed freely as God intended".  I thought of the employee who was a Vegetarian.  Although he would have been surrounded by those non-vegetarian meat eaters, the meat everyone was enjoying was from happy, well taken care of cows.

As consumers, we can do something about the food situation 3 times a day.  I'd like to encourage anyone reading this to start buying a little more organic every time you shop.  Try making meat free dishes more and more....until you are maybe eating red meat once or twice a week.....and then less and less...and please buy organic meat - from a trusted farmer whenever possible. Buy organic eggs, go dairy free if raw milk is not available to you. Then, when you do eat that occasional organic choice of meat please eat it with reverence and gratitude...more like God intended.

Thank you!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yummy Chocolate Coconut Milk

Instead of using Milk, try Coconut Milk instead. (We do LOVE using Raw Milk as well)
Instead of Sugar....use Agave to sweeten the drink.
Instead of regular chocolate milk - try Dagoba, or mixing your own with Cocoa or Carob Powder. 

YUMMY!!   I like it better with regular Coconut Milk - but we had some "light Coconut Milk" that Shane had bought "because it was on sale" and it still turned out yummy.

For those unfamiliar with Coconut Milk...just make sure to buy the coconut MILK and not the coconut will make a huge difference in the taste.

For a little bit of a kick - add a little bit of chili powder and cinnamon, or buy Dagoba's Xocolatl mixture that has cocoa powder, bits of pure dark chocolate, cane sugar, chili and cinnamon already in it.

Gluten Free Thanksgiving at Home

 SHANE MADE THE BEST TURKEY I'VE EVER EATEN. He found a recipe that instructed to soak the turkey in a brine solution over night before cooking the turkey. The brine solution consisted of water, sea salt, honey and cloves. Then, before cooking the turkey, he used coconut oil, thyme, oregano, a little basil, garlic, and sea salt to baste the turkey and he also put the mixture under the skin of the turkey. He surrounded the turkey with organic carrots, celery, red potatoes, and onions with a little water. Our stuffing was a gluten free bread crumb, celery, onion, and the above seasonings (my own recipe - made on the spot), because stuffing is eaten so quickly we also made a wild rice stuffing as well. Because of the delicious drippings from the turkey the gravy was incredibly delicious. I only had to mix the cornstarch and milk together and then add it to the drippings while adding only a very little bit of sea salt. The turkey was so delicious that I wanted to call all the neighbors to taste it. Later we would share leftovers with neighbors who were amazed at how good the turkey was without adding anything to it.

Shane introduced all of us to homemade cranberry sauce. My son eats it like ice cream and myself, who never used cranberry sauce with my turkey, have now become accustom to it - and actually enjoy eating it. Shane uses the organic whole cranberries and then follows the package directions for the amount of water to add, but instead of sugar he uses agave. It is delicious! The entire batch of cranberry sauce was gone in one day - as Walker had an entire bowl of it for dinner that night.

Our mashed potatoes were with the potatoes, the real butter, raw milk, and to keep it traditional (like Mom makes them) I always add a little bit of basil to the recipe.

So, after tasting that turkey and other meals Shane has made (he's amazing with fish recipes) I wish he'd stop running Bandwidth Industries and come on full time as the Celiac Shack's Chef.... he himself commented on how amazed he was at how good everything tasted. Next year we'll have to have everyone over to try Shane's amazing turkey!

I'm excited to see what he makes for Christmas Dinner!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gluten Free Labeling

I only trust GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) labeling.

Example: The Miso Company

There was a Miso Soup my family loved to eat, but I kept getting sick even though the label said in bold black letters against the purple paper GLUTEN FREE. I kept thinking it was the Miso that was making me sick, but rationalized that It couldn't be - because of the labeling. None the less, I stopped eating the product. Then one day I noticed that the "GLUTEN FREE" wording was missing from the product label. When I called the company they explained to me that there are some people "super sensitive to gluten" who had been getting sick because the big wooden barrels that they use to make the miso are rotated so that for a couple of weeks they make the "barley miso"....then the "rice miso". So even though the products used were Gluten Free, the CONTAINER WASN'T. Thus the reason I was getting sick and the reason others were and why the Gluten Free label was removed.

So, if you know someone with a gluten intollerance....and they get sick....not on purpose....sometimes it is a HUGE mystery in getting well....gluten is even in Shampoo and Makeup!!! If a product you are use to changes their ingredients, it is REALLY hard to figure out. One time I caught my kids sitting above my water jug (3 gallon water jug) that I get from the store. They were dipping noodles (gluen filled noodles) in my water - as if they were fishing for something. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HARD ONE TO FIGURE OUT - SO GLAD I CAUGHT THE LITTLE STINKERS!


My Story

I'm grateful that in High School I had TONS of energy and was involved in as much as I could possibly fit into my schedule. It was knowing "who Steff Schutz" really was that helped me keep seeking answers - when the doctors were giving me answers that didn't help me solve my health issues.

So...the problem began at BYU when I began to experience fatigue and difficulty thinking. I remember walking down the steps south of campus where I sat down and cried realizing I wasn't able to retain information....and knew there was something wrong with my mind...

To save time I'll skip ahead...

I served my Mission in Osorno, Chile - without much difficulty, but towards the end of my mission I REALLY began to experience fatigue. My ability to speak Spanish was effected as was my ability to even walk down the streets. Don't take me wrong - I worked HARD and was DEDICATED....just really emotional in the process. I had the most success those last few months - probably due to the humility and faith necessary just to simply walk or talk - I relied heavily on the Savior.

Anyway...upon returning home I attempted to work 20 hours and go to school full-time just like I did before the mission, but found for some reason I couldn't process and handle things mentally. So...gratefully with Grandparent support, and sucking in my pride I had to make some choices... instead of my dream of dancing professionally and finishing my dance degree, and on to my Masters Degree, I started taking Communication Classes (towards a Marketing Communications Major), I had to stop teaching at the MTC and I had to give up dancing with my dream dance company (Deseret Dance Theatre) while I went from Dr. to Dr. trying to figure out what was wrong with me.


Epstein Barr....
Chronic Fatigue...

But there was something inside that told me this wasn't health continued to decline to where I had to keep dropping classes until finally one day my Dad and Brother had to come pick me up at my apartment and I had to leave the University with only 2 semesters to go... as a Dance Major.... I remember being carried out to the car...and remember the tears shed as the things in my room were packed up.

At times I felt like a total hypocrite because I would have days where I'd feel fine....then two weeks at a time totally bed ridden....I looked sick...I had no energy and it went on like this for a long time.

My parents were debating putting me on welfare and I made the decision to do away with any type of physical exercise that wasn't necessary and focused on keeping a job. Unfortunately because of my off again on again days of health my job suffered and I worried about being fired. day a friend suggested I fasted and pray so that I could figure out what was wrong with me - and I did. A couple days later there was a daughter of that same friend who was visiting with her husband from out of the country. She, upon learning my history, told of her brother-in-law who had the exact same experience and his Dad was a Doctor, but it took them 2 years to figure out that he had developed an intolerance to Gluten....Celiac Disease. She wrote her brother in law and he graciously sent me some Celiac literature and when I started to avoid the "Bad Foods" I was fine. I remember getting sick accidentally on "Postum", on "Cottage Cheese", soy sauce, on Chips, was crazy! There was gluten in everything!

Two months later I met my future husband and thanks to his help and the support of his wonderful Grandmother Jean....we enrolled me in a "Celiac Support Group" and it is there that I attained the information that got my life back. Gluten is in pickles, condiments, yogurt, sour cream, and conveyor belts are floured and frozen juice cans are floured so even if certain packages of food don't list any ingredients are bad - they are may not be on the safe list. There are websites, software, books, pamphlets all dedicated to helping the Celiac Navigate through the gluten filled stores.

I was taught to eliminate foods if I got sick and then slowly introduce foods until I found the cause. One time I was sick for two weeks and I was only eating corn tortillas and cheese. I called the head of the SLC support group and said through my tears "I don't have this stupid illness....all I'm eating is corn tortillas and cheese and I'm still sick." The kind woman had me look at the type of tortillas and cheese....come to find out both the cheese and the "Mama Maria Tortillas" had Gluten in them.

It took about 6 years before I wasn't getting sick on accident. A salad dressing had me sick for nearly 6 months before I figured that one out. Soy milk...kept me out of church for nearly 2 months until I discovered that one. make a long story short - let's just say I tired of eating things that were "iffy"....and wasted my life. I began to eat foods that were "naturally gluten free" or had a gluten free certification on it. (This isn't entirely fool proof either - I'll explain later).


So after being healthy, dancing with Deseret Dance Theatre through 3 pregnancies and healthy births, I was pregnant with child number four and all of a sudden my being able to go to the gym everyday - and working with a personal trainer two of those days, I began to go less and less until I didn't have any strength at all. It wasn't gluten...this was something worse.

The symptoms worsened....

Blind in one eye....face would go right arm would go numb. I was in and out of the emergency room.

I would all of a sudden loose my strength and my kids would have to call a neighbor to help me back into bed.

The most terrifying experience was when I would go paralyzed. I couldn't move, couldn't communicate...couldn't process a thought.

One night as I lay in bed the paralyzing feeling was so severe that I couldn't call out for help. I couldn't cry....I was aware I was in trouble, but couldn't even process a thought to know what to do....I could only wait. When the paralyzing feeling left I quickly got to my knees and pleaded with the Lord that I had learned humility and had compassion for others and pleaded for an answer.....and that answer came the very next day.

I was driving with my two small kids - really apprehensive to do so given my past experiences going paralyzed or losing my vision and family had to come rescue me, but I drove none the less - I was numb....not really knowing where I was going. Somehow I ended up on 800 North in Orem, UT in front of Real Foods Market. There was a familiar face inside the store and so I wandered in. The woman, I knew vaguely, introduced me to the book "Nutritional and Physical Degeneration" by Dr. Price. It was somewhat surreal...the store looked so there was hardly any food in it...and a tiny library....I purchased the book...walked out of the store and after reading the book in a few days I knew my life had changed forever as well as a hidden resentment I had towards God for the health issues I saw in the people in Chile...because of what I felt was because they didn't have modern I know it was because they were not eating as God intended.

To make another long story short....I read 11 of their books in two months and due to what I read I took absolutely everything considered "processed food" out of my house into large boxes and called my brother to come get the food - feeling guilty that he would be eating it when I considered it the cause of my sickness.

I would buy raw milk from the store and when I drank the cream that was on top of the milk I could feel my entire body shiver as if every cell were screaming "healthy fat!...Oh how we have needed healthy fat". I was pregnant and seriously would drink straight from the gallon jug....a cream mustache when I was done. I wasn't worried about gaining weight - only getting healthy and keeping my baby healthy. Later I would learn how a "lack of fat" and lack of proper vitamins and minerals was keeping weight on me and the processed starch sugar was the cause- not the healthy fat. A life of being a "wanna be" anorexic looking dancer had left me eating food deprived of fat and vitamins and minerals. I replaced processed sugar for molasses, Agave, Stevia and raw honey. We replaced our store bought milk products with fresh raw milk and cheese from Real Foods Market. I bought their whole wheat bread for my kids and husband and relished in all the products there that were "naturally gluten free". I eliminated scavenger meat and seafood from my diet. (We only eat pork and sea food a couple times a year now). We learned to make butter from the cream on the milk....we made curd cheese, buttermilk, yogurt....I felt so empowered and knowledgeable. We bought fresh organic produce and I was amazed at how delicious the fruits and vegetables were when they were organic. We cherished the food and ate it with an almost reverence. We made soups and meals from delicious organic foods.

My kids didn't miss a single day of school that year, my husband stopped coughing up his tonsil rocks (whatever they are called)...and suddenly he went from saying he had "food poisoning" all the time (from eating out while working)...he ate the fresh salads and soups from Real Foods Market and went from looking "pasty" in his face to having a "healthy glow".

Another summary.......

I had been on a 4 month waiting list to see the MS Expert - due to how similar my symptoms were to Multiple Sclerosis. I've got the bill from the Neurologist to prove that my symptoms went away after 3 months of eating the "Real Foods Way" and didn't need to go to the MS expert. I cancelled my appointment and have been symptom free as long as......I stay away from processed food.

In one of the books I read it talked about something very important that I hope ALL Celiacs will pay attention to. It said CELIACS WHO CONTINUE TO EAT GLUTEN-FREE FOODS THAT ARE HIGHLY PROCESSED HAVE A TENDENCY TOWARDS MULTIPLE SCLEROSES....AND IT LISTED other diseases such as dementia, schizophrenia, diabetes, etc.....the list was long. You can read this in "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon.

I'd like to say that I consider my getting sick a huge blessing. Each time I've faced a health problem, we've prayed for knowledge and have been greatly blessed with the knowledge gained. At one time, while living in BYU just east of Liberty Square, I was given a blessing from my Bishop. He said that I needed to understand the Word of Wisdom and said that the knowledge I gained I would be able to share with the World someday. At the time I reluctantly thanked the Bishop, shook his hand and watched as my friends went to Moab on an Activity while I crawled back in bed....I was heart broken. There was so much "Life" I was missing. That little girl who my Mom described as "the one she'd have to throw her leg over so that I'd take my nap", was so in love with life as a child would lay on the bed obediently with my eyes open until finally my Mom gave up on naps entirely. After reading "The Word of Wisdom - a Modern Interpretation" I realized that I hadn't paid attention...I hadn't listened...I had to read it from others, but now I understand and apply the knowledge gained and perhaps someday I'll be able to share Celiac Shack with the World. =)

With love and light,

Steff England