Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yummy Chocolate Coconut Milk

Instead of using Milk, try Coconut Milk instead. (We do LOVE using Raw Milk as well)
Instead of Sugar....use Agave to sweeten the drink.
Instead of regular chocolate milk - try Dagoba, or mixing your own with Cocoa or Carob Powder. 

YUMMY!!   I like it better with regular Coconut Milk - but we had some "light Coconut Milk" that Shane had bought "because it was on sale" and it still turned out yummy.

For those unfamiliar with Coconut Milk...just make sure to buy the coconut MILK and not the coconut will make a huge difference in the taste.

For a little bit of a kick - add a little bit of chili powder and cinnamon, or buy Dagoba's Xocolatl mixture that has cocoa powder, bits of pure dark chocolate, cane sugar, chili and cinnamon already in it.

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