Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Spelling and Punctuation - My Apologies

I took advanced level English Classes in College.  I fear you wouldn't know that from how my punctuation and sentence structure is.  The other day I was writing something in English and when I reread what I had written I noticed that instead of saying "K" or "OK", I had written "Que" which means "what" in Spanish, but sounds like "K".  I fear I've got my own little language going on here at the Celiac Shack.

NOTICE: English Major Volunteers Needed :)  If you have some time to make corrections to my blog, I welcome any suggestions.  Send me a message and I can make you a contributor to this blog.  I also have contributors to my Spanish Blog.  I fear the language I write and speak is called "Spanglish".

I hope that you are able to understand my message despite the raw state and imperfections.
Thank you.


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