Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gluten Free Thanksgiving at Home

 SHANE MADE THE BEST TURKEY I'VE EVER EATEN. He found a recipe that instructed to soak the turkey in a brine solution over night before cooking the turkey. The brine solution consisted of water, sea salt, honey and cloves. Then, before cooking the turkey, he used coconut oil, thyme, oregano, a little basil, garlic, and sea salt to baste the turkey and he also put the mixture under the skin of the turkey. He surrounded the turkey with organic carrots, celery, red potatoes, and onions with a little water. Our stuffing was a gluten free bread crumb, celery, onion, and the above seasonings (my own recipe - made on the spot), because stuffing is eaten so quickly we also made a wild rice stuffing as well. Because of the delicious drippings from the turkey the gravy was incredibly delicious. I only had to mix the cornstarch and milk together and then add it to the drippings while adding only a very little bit of sea salt. The turkey was so delicious that I wanted to call all the neighbors to taste it. Later we would share leftovers with neighbors who were amazed at how good the turkey was without adding anything to it.

Shane introduced all of us to homemade cranberry sauce. My son eats it like ice cream and myself, who never used cranberry sauce with my turkey, have now become accustom to it - and actually enjoy eating it. Shane uses the organic whole cranberries and then follows the package directions for the amount of water to add, but instead of sugar he uses agave. It is delicious! The entire batch of cranberry sauce was gone in one day - as Walker had an entire bowl of it for dinner that night.

Our mashed potatoes were with the potatoes, the real butter, raw milk, and to keep it traditional (like Mom makes them) I always add a little bit of basil to the recipe.

So, after tasting that turkey and other meals Shane has made (he's amazing with fish recipes) I wish he'd stop running Bandwidth Industries and come on full time as the Celiac Shack's Chef.... he himself commented on how amazed he was at how good everything tasted. Next year we'll have to have everyone over to try Shane's amazing turkey!

I'm excited to see what he makes for Christmas Dinner!

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