Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gluten Free Protein Shake

This was recommended to me by a friend that works at Herbs for Health.  It includes three products...

1) "Love Peas" from Nature's Sunshine
2)"Ultimate Green Zone" from Nature's Sunshine
3) "Life's Basics Plant Protein" (has Pea, Hemp, Rice with Chia Seed - A Complete Protein Rich in   Omega 3.6.9) by Lifetime

I didn't receive instructions on the exact way to make the shake and so I've been using 8 oz. of water and using a scoop of each....then I shake it up and wallah....the most delicious protein shake I've ever had. 

Love Peas has 20 g of Protein, Life's Basics has 22 g of protein and the green shake has only 2.6. 

The woman who recommended the shake listed above had a daughter that although she was beautiful to look at, she was incredibly mean and rude to everyone.  After taking the shake a couple times of day (for several months) the woman said that her daughter, now after a year is finally turning into a sweet child.  They have drastically changed their diet and eat whole foods, organic, as close to mother nature intended as possible.

I will make the shake for myself, but my little Leah (3 years old) will eagerly reach for it and will seriously gulp down the entire thing, and I'm happy to make another one for Cameron (4) and then finally I get one to myself.  Walker (8) and Sage (6) don't seem too interested in the shakes.

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