Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gluten Free Labeling

I only trust GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) labeling.

Example: The Miso Company

There was a Miso Soup my family loved to eat, but I kept getting sick even though the label said in bold black letters against the purple paper GLUTEN FREE. I kept thinking it was the Miso that was making me sick, but rationalized that It couldn't be - because of the labeling. None the less, I stopped eating the product. Then one day I noticed that the "GLUTEN FREE" wording was missing from the product label. When I called the company they explained to me that there are some people "super sensitive to gluten" who had been getting sick because the big wooden barrels that they use to make the miso are rotated so that for a couple of weeks they make the "barley miso"....then the "rice miso". So even though the products used were Gluten Free, the CONTAINER WASN'T. Thus the reason I was getting sick and the reason others were and why the Gluten Free label was removed.

So, if you know someone with a gluten intollerance....and they get sick....not on purpose....sometimes it is a HUGE mystery in getting well....gluten is even in Shampoo and Makeup!!! If a product you are use to changes their ingredients, it is REALLY hard to figure out. One time I caught my kids sitting above my water jug (3 gallon water jug) that I get from the store. They were dipping noodles (gluen filled noodles) in my water - as if they were fishing for something. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A HARD ONE TO FIGURE OUT - SO GLAD I CAUGHT THE LITTLE STINKERS!


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