Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I highly recommend this DVD or the book "FOOD INC".  It validated everything I've read in books over the past several years and what my gut has been telling me when I've eaten meat - not from an organic source.

Now...to reflect back to a company party we had three years ago...

I volunteered to make Christmas Dinner for all the Employees merged into the newly formed company that my husband and his business partner had formed from their two companies.  At my suggestion, we (the owners and administrators) made Christmas Dinner consisting of: Organic Steak and King Crab Legs (not so healthy - as it is scavenger meat), organic potatoes, organic salads etc. for everyone.  I remember all the doubts and worries about what the employees would think, but it turned out to be a HUGE success and everyone absolutely loved the food and the family atmosphere (everyone brought their families) - yes CRAZY I know - but everyone loved it!

This year the Christmas Party was held in a well known restaurant in the area.  It's amazing how far I've come in my desires to eat healthy and to audit everything that goes into my mouth.  When all the various meat options were put before me, I had absolutely NO desire to taste any of the meat.  I know how the meat is prepared, how the animals are treated, the food the animal is given and the rancidity and danger of the bacteria the meat carries and so it was easy to say "No Thank You".

I cannot remember the last time that I bought meat at a regular store.  All the meat we buy is Organic and from farmers we know and trust.  When I listened to the story about the Mom losing her son because he ate meat that was contaminated and the recall was put out 15 days after the boy had died, my kids looked at me and said that they were grateful that we buy the "Healthy Food".  Yes kids...it costs more, but your lives are worth that extra precaution.

A BIG thanks to the makers of that movie and a big SHAME ON YOU to all those big companies in America who are denying Americans of their rights....I'll save my rampage for a later blog.

Anyway,  I'm happy to say the last "non-organic chicken" I ate was prepared for me over a year ago by a lady who was fixing me dinner...I can still picture the color and texture of that meat from that NON-organic turkey...it looked really disgusting and so I had the smallest amount I could fit on my tortilla and since that time, whenever this individual offered to cook for me "something special" I always volunteer to bring the meat - and it's solved the previous dilemma.

When my husband opened the evening those many years ago at the Company Christmas Party he started the evening off by saying "I want all of you to know that the meat you are eating came from happy cows".  Then I thought in my mind... "they ate grass and roamed freely as God intended".  I thought of the employee who was a Vegetarian.  Although he would have been surrounded by those non-vegetarian meat eaters, the meat everyone was enjoying was from happy, well taken care of cows.

As consumers, we can do something about the food situation 3 times a day.  I'd like to encourage anyone reading this to start buying a little more organic every time you shop.  Try making meat free dishes more and more....until you are maybe eating red meat once or twice a week.....and then less and less...and please buy organic meat - from a trusted farmer whenever possible. Buy organic eggs, go dairy free if raw milk is not available to you. Then, when you do eat that occasional organic choice of meat please eat it with reverence and gratitude...more like God intended.

Thank you!